Monday, January 10, 2011

Premium Beautiful - Part 2

Someone sent me an e-mail asking me some questions about my experience with PB. Too shy to openly ask katanya. So here goes.


If there was one comment you would make about PB, what would it be?
Well, first of all I'll make 2 comments instead of 1. No. 1 - It is damn ketat ok? No.2 - It works

Is it true that you fart a lot while wearing PB?
Yes, it is true

Do you wear PB during that time of the month? Is it comfy to do so?
Now I had some reservations on wearing PB during you know what time la kan...but I decided to give it a try and strangely enough, it gave my tummy (or lower portion of it) a very warm comfy feeling..kalau ada sakit senggugut ke ape, it helps with that I think. So I would recommend it.

Do you ever get used to how tight the corset is?
Strangely, yes you do. It's like wearing shoes that kill you. You get used to it after some time. Hehehe

You're cute, are you married?
Errkkk..apa punya soalan ni anonymous? Gambo besor heading blog ni kan tunjuk diriku dipakaikan cincin kahwin itu? But to answer your question anyways. Thanks for saying I'm cute and yes, I am married.

How many kgs and cms have you lost so far?
Errrr...well I know at least a kilo but then I stopped counting. But my jeans and baju definitely fit better. Hmmnnn, maybe I should keep track...tapi malaslah plak.

Don't you get bored after some time?
Well to be honest, I do not wear PB like every day without fail (kena basuh every weekend so weekend tak pakai PB, I wear spanx instead). And when I was on leave these past 2 weeks, I have to be honest and say that I did not wear PB sangat. It depends on you la kan..whether you are really committed to lose weight and re-shape your body or not.

So there you go anonymous (I know the name tapi telah diminta supaya tak di publish). Hope the above helps.


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