Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Makan yum yum

Haven't blogged about eating escapades for quite a while now.

On Saturday, teman Aries main golf and then before meeting up with my girls, teman Aries makan dekat Sunway Giza, some new mall or something. The place was called Madam Lims.

Watermelon Jumbo and Chinese Tea 

Aries punya Ginger Beef Kuetiow 

XL Omelette 

 My tofu with minced chicken set

My set came with veggie 

Aries' shaved mango ice dessert

Prices are quite reasonable.

Come la tryyyyy..!


  1. giza is somewhat opposite my place! :D
    if ur there again, try de'italiane kitchen. food is not bad!

  2. Fara: Will do, I came across Sunway Giza at random..it was tucked away hehe...byk lagi tempat makan tak try tu!!