Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moment Jiwang

A cold dream
Though it may be against my existence
Though it may hold under this sky the reason for me to live
It is the reality you are breathing
Please do not forget me
The passing memories of this sorrow
With tears I held onto you
But my love I could not give you
Though the world forsakes me
Against me though it turns
Under a different fate let us meet
This I promise you
For this everlasting love
I turn against destiny
Please do not worry about me
The picture I see is already familiar to me
Now I throw away time which cannot be turned back
I will wish for your happiness
Under a different let us meet...

Owwhh...Kim Bum Soo...sungguh indah lagu korea mu...

Sob sob sob...

Ini sebenarnya lagu korea tau...cantik sungguh liriknya..where to find songs like this anymore?

Nak dengar lagu dia? Klik sini


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