Monday, June 30, 2014

Dynasty Inn, Kota Bharu

"We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking
~ Santosh Kalwar

Hi readers,

It's a Monday and the 2nd of Ramadhan to boot.

Life is beautiful indeed. 

Last post on where I stayed for my Kelantan trip.

When I was in Kota Bharu I stayed at the Dynasty Inn. Can you imagine kindred Diyana and I got lost and ended up in Dynasty Inn at Wakaf Che' Yeh instead? Hadoii. Anyways, we finally managed to get to the correct Dynasty Inn after that.

Pictures below:-

 A cozy seating area...

 Flat Screen TV

 Table where we could put all our stuff

 Ironing board and hangers and hooks (very handy)

 Towels and toiletries..

The complimentary coffee and water

 The bathroom was pretty spacious..

Shower and sit down toilet

We stayed here for a night before moving on to Chalet D' Mawar in Tanah Merah. 

For the price we paid I think I was satisfied. Everything was clean and that was the most important part. There was ample parking behind the hotel as well. The room was spacious. Flat Screen TV was lovely.

My only complaint would be that there were no plugs beside the bed or at bedside. In the end the TV had to be switched off because kindred Diyana and I were both charging our phones and other gadgets.


Kelantan trip all done. 

Can you guys believe that I haven't finished updating on my Europe trip and where I stayed? Sheesh. After one of my readers asked me where I stayed in Paris during the last night I suddenly realised I did not put that up yet. Haha.

I promise I will though guys. Promise. Pinky promise *wink*

Have a good rest of the week.

Much love from Airiel and I.

Peace and love to everyone.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Restoran Selera Tepi Sungai, Tanah Merah

"Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out outside" ~ Mark Twain

Hi readers,

It is Friday.

Time to put up one of my last updates for my Kelantan Trip. During our stint in Tanah Merah, kindred Diyana and I ate at Selera Tepi Sungai.

It was jam packed when we arrived. The sheer types of dishes available is practically endless. I was so flabbergasted I forgot to take pictures *facepalm*

I only managed to take the above.

Large pots of sup tulang, row after row of lauk to choose from. Budu was awesome. Heavenly pile of coconut you see there in the pic.

Must try if you are in the Tanah Merah area.

Their facebook page is here.

Have a good weekend ahead.

Much love from Airiel and I.

Peace and love to everyone.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Post Natal/Confinement Packages/ Pakej Berpantang - Kak Suziela

"Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them" ~ Oscar Wilde

Hi readers,

It's a Monday.

I promised Kak Suziela, a reader of mine to post up her postnatal package for you expectant mothers out there. Please see her packages below okay:-

Rm1000 7hari
3x urut
7x tungku
7x mandi herba
7x pki bengkung
2x tangas
1x lulur
7x mandi baby+urut
#free basic padi+medicure@facial
Pakej 7hari 1500
3x urut
7x tungku
7x mandi herba
7x pki bengkung
2x tangas
1z lulur
7x mandi baby+urut baby
7x msak masakan pntang(tghari+mlm)
#free basic padi+medicure@facial
Ada jugak utk stay in..urut dan tungku shaja..bgantung pd pmintaan cstmer..t.ksih yea.
Please inquire at <> for more information and her packages in detail.

Have a good start to the week everyone.

Much love from Airiel and I.

Peace and love to everyone.

Friday, June 20, 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge - Day 72 - 80

"We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming - well, that's like saying you can never change your fate" ~ Amy Tan

It's Friday readers.

Work has been crazy up until yesterday.

Today there is time to breathe.

Time for my 100 happy days challenge.

Day 72 - My silver lining...

Day 73 - My first run for the year. I wanted to register for the Standard Chartered run but it was full already (own fault for sitting on it huhu). This is the CIMB Colour Run 2014.  Their FB page is here. Their website is here for those who would want to register.

Day 74 - I met an old, old friend when I was in the Court of Appeal the other day. Kak Intan!! Mother of 3 now and maintain tu nampak tu hehehe. We used to (and still is by the way) addicted to this one Nasi Lemak stall in Giant punya food court. Their paru cili padi is to DIE for.

Day 75 - Wouldn't you agree that the best things in life are free? I found this at the artsy section in Publika and it just instantly cheered me up so I took one. Look at how cute they are!!

Day 76 - I am such a fabric addict and I was so psyched when a few of my fabrics were finished and came back from my tailor. I don't know when I will wear these because I mostly wear black and white to the office and these fabrics are kind of fancy. But who the heck cares! I am so in love with the red one. I bought the red fabric at Gulatis at the place where they put end bits of fabric and sold them at dirt cheap prices. Don't we women love bargains? hehe. It is super gorgeous in real life...huhu 

Day 77 - I discovered this drink at Gloria Jeans Coffee. "Chocolate Macadamia Latte". Sounds heavenly right? It IS. Totally addictive 

Day 78 - This is my MIL punya famous Terung Bakar Air Asam. Drool right? I made this on my own. Sodappp. Makan dgn nasi putih panas panas. Perghhh

Day 79 - Music that soothes the soul. I am addicted to this song. I play it on repeat constantly. It reminds me of Akif, of my life in general. It reminds me somehow of hope. Give it a hear and be mesmerised by how music can change your life. I loooooveeee you Ed Sheeran, Ngeeeee.

Day 80 - She can escape the past, but she can't outrun the future. My current read. 

I just remembered I promised a reader I would put up her postnatal package services for you out there who are looking. Oh no, tak ingat. I will do it on Monday akak, I promise!

Have a good weekend ahead readers.

Much love from Airiel and I.

Peace and love to everyone.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Boycott Israel 2014 - Part 2

"Despair is typical of those who do not understand the causes of evil, see no way out, and are incapable of struggle" ~ Vladimir Lenin

My dearest angel Aisha,

My heart bleeds for you and for the land you call home. Sacred to many it is. So much so, it has caused endless bloodshed. So much so, it cost you yours. When you died, a portion of my heart was taken away, broken by grief, never to be the same again.

You taught me that I can love a child, not of my flesh and blood as much as I would love my own. You taught me never to be afraid of death, because you said it was inevitable and because there is a life beyond it. You taught me to love, cherish and appreciate my country and home because you and your brethren in Palestine would give up everything to have what people in Malaysia take for granted, and that is 'peace'.

It was a sleepless night for me yesterday because I knew that it was rumoured that 3 Israeli soldiers have gone missing. They blame the Palestinians. 

The Israelis have vowed to kill a Palestinian every hour until these 3 are found. 

4 hours ago, the attacks have not ceased. I bite my nails and wait for news on the websites I follow. Electronic Intifada, Aman Palestin, Palestine Solidarity Campaign. 

My boycott remains strong Aisha. It has become my way of life. I check labels, read updates on the boycott in the BDS Campaign. 

Your blood runs in my veins, you are my family, the ties I have made and vowed to keep and I will not rest until your land is free. 

I remember asking you 'what do you want most from Ummi for your birthday?' to which you replied 'Your doa Ummi. Your doa. It is the most powerful weapon wielded by people here. I am not afraid to die. No one here is. I embrace it. It is a dream to me. What awaits me on the other side is 1000 thousand times better than whatever I have here. But I am not dead yet. So I shall live Ummi. Pray for my life, my land and pray for a glorious death for me if I should die'.

My family, my friends meet me and say 'Idza you are strong' after what I have been through. But you Aisha, you were courage personified. I was in awe. I felt ashamed. But most of all, I felt immense and overwhelming love towards you and the land you were willing to die for.

Readers, please join us. Here is where you can help:-

Aisha, I will  never forget.

Palestine will be free. On my blood and yours.

Monday, June 16, 2014

D Mawar Chalet, Tanah Merah, Kelantan

"We are ever striving after what is forbidden, and coveting what is denied us" ~ Ovid


It's Monday. Have lots to update but no actual time to do them. 

Anyways, during my Letsgetlost trip to Kelantan, whilst I was in Tanah Merah for sis in law's wedding I stayed at D' Mawar Chalet in Tanah Merah town.

 The reception was spacious with lounge sofas. We rented out the bigger cottage, with one double bed and one single bed, which only went for about RM95 which was pretty cheap. Our room number was 104. The ambiance is like a small village house with nice rickety wooden floors and wooden doors as well.

What was most important was that it was clean. There was great air conditioning. There was a wardrobe given, and a TV as well. Errr ignore the shopping bags will you? The bed was also clean. So for the price kindred Diyana and I paid, this was awesome. 

Another plus was also the ample parking.

D' Mawar Chalet's fb page is here.

I need to respond to a few things from my readers as well and will do it soon, I promise.

But I have to go for now. A crazy week anticipated ahead.

Much love from Airiel and I.

Peace and love to everyone.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Restoran KST Nasi Ulam Bakar, Kota Bharu

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food" ~ George Bernard Shaw

Hi readers,

Friday has arrived finally. An update on my food escapades while I was in Kelantan the other day.

This is Restaurant KST in Kota Bharu.

From the top to bottom clockwise err...
1. The sign that you can't miss.
2.The varieties of fresh fish and seafood you choose.
3. The ulams (yummy); and
The charcoal grilling place they use to cook your fish and/or seafood once you place your order.

1. The sambal bawang putih air asam descended from heaven sedapp giler which is why I come to this place. Soooo addictive.
2. Ulam pegaga.
3. Budu campuran Airiel's father (this man knows how to mix his budu hahah). Sedappp
4. Sup sayur for Airiel.
5. Udang goreng kunyit (shrimp was super sweet)
6. Sotong masak pedas


The Ikan Pari masak rempah, their specialty is grilling your seafood to 'bakar kosong' or 'bakar rempah'.

Airiel's father had his 'kembong' fish bakar kosong but tak sempat nak snap pic.

All the above, plus plates of nasi for 4 and all our drinks came up to a total of RM63.00. Food is so cheap in Kelantan I could die.

Their foursquare pin can be found here

If you are in Kota Bharu by any chance, you NEED to drop by.

I vouch for their sambal asam bawang putih descended from heaven yummmy and their fresh udang. 

Much love from me and Airiel.

Peace and love to everyone.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Villa Danialla, Tok Bali, Kelantan

"I could not help it: the restlessness was in my nature; it agitated me to pain sometimes" ~ Charlotte Bronte

Hello readers,

Mid week update.

After my sis in law's wedding, kindred Diyana and I decided to go and stay at a resort near a beach somewhere just to chill. She understands my love for the sea. 

So we stayed at Villa Danialla. It is in Tok Bali, Pasir Mas area. Kelantan.

This is the reception area. It was a mish mash of old and new. Look at the awesome bejewelled frog. Stail lah! hehe

Our room was the standard room. But it was BIG, with high beam wooden ceilings and the biggest bathroom I have ever seen in a hotel room (and I have seen quite a few let me tell you). 

Got to love this place.

To the left - My breakfast view (yes, this is the view).
To the right - Chilling at the beach at night. I was talking to the moon :p

Pros - 1. It is smack beside the beach; 
           2. Beautiful decor;
           3. Big and spacious room; and
           4. Biggest bathroom ever.

Cons - 1. There were a lot of flies during breakfast. But I think this is more the area than it is the hotel's fault.                 Maybe if they put fans at the food area it will not be so bad; and

            2. The weather was hot!! But to my surprise there were no lounge chairs or umbrellas for the guests                   to lounge at the beach area. I suspect that the beach in front of the resort is not a private beach so                 they cannot put them up.
The link to Villa Danialla's website is here.

Agoda's link to Villa Danialla is here.

TripAdvisor's link to Villa Danialla is here.

Villa Danialla's facebook page is here.

Monday, June 9, 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge - Day 66 - 71

"Yet each man kills the thing he loves
By each let this be heard
Some do it with a bitter look
Some with a flattering word
The coward does it with a kiss
The brave man with a sword" ~ Oscar Wilde

Hello readers,

Back to reality for me.

But I take a piece of the ocean, its song with me wherever I go until my next trip.

Now its the 100 happy days challenge updates. Let's go!

Day 66 - Gellato Teh Tarik for Gellatomio...yummy!! Taste exactly like teh tarik. Check it out at Publika.

Day 67 - Got this in the mail and I have no idea who it is from. Anyways, it made me laugh. Thank you to whoever that gave me this. Hahaha *wink*

Day 68 - How I missed little Safiyya!! Managed to meet her at the wedding of my sis. Kindred Diyana was so kind to be my bodyguard for the trip! Much love!! 

Day 69 - Now a wife. This is my Airiel's father's youngest sister. My sister in law. Looking radiant on her nikah night. Bottom middle pic is Nini, also my sister in law. What is a collage without Airiel and Mama fooling around with the camera ehh? Hehehe

Day 70 - Kenduri day!! The girls in uniform of Tiffany Blue. The bride and groom looking gorgeous!! My sisters in law looking beautiful as well.

Day 71 - "I have always been fascinated by the ocean, to dip a limb beneath its surface and know that I'm touching eternity, that it goes on forever until it begins here again"  ~ Lauren De Stefano

Have a good week ahead readers.

Much love from me and Airiel.

Peace and love to everyone.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lets Get Lost - Part 6

"Monsters are real, ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes they win.." ~ Stephen King

Hi readers,

My soul yearns for the sounds of the sea. Anybody that knows me well would know that I am obsessed with the sea. The colour, the sounds. 

The sea, always steadfast. Beautiful. Serene. The beach, the sands between your toes. 

It is where my soul belongs.

So this is where I am off to next, Insyaallah.

Aye, there is nothing like it. 

Lets get lost!! *grin*

Have a good week ahead readers.

Much love from me and Airiel.

Peace and love to everyone.

Monday, June 2, 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge - Day 56 - 65

"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons..." ~ Testy Mctesterson

Hi everyone,

It is a Monday. And I owe you guys my 100 day challenge updates.

So lets do this.

Day 56 - "Men's evil manners live in brass, their virtues we write in water.." ~ Shakespeare. Can someone tell me which play this is from? The answer boleh baca dari atas tu. This is Shakespeare globe by the way, a 2 mins walk from the Millenium Bridge and the Tate Modern Art Museum.

Day 57 - The fortress I call my family. Much love to my rock who has been with me through the ups and down. This is my familia readers.

Day 58 - Part heart, all soul... My very protective Airiel.

Day 59 -  Because I love M&M's!! This is M & M world in London folks. The M&M colours made my head spin. Everything M & M is sold here hehe.

Day 60 - Beautiful beads! Love the beading on this baju kurung for my sis' wedding! Will uploads pics bila pakai hehe.

Day 61 - Little houses!! this is a souvenir from Delft. Soooo cutee!

Day 62 - Bergoncang imanku hey hey hey... err hahaha

Day 63 - A gift from the bestest friend ever!! Thank you ridh rahmi for this! Much love!!

Day 64 - My favourite tea with honey, soothing for the throat. Superbug please go away..huhu

Day 65 - God must have spent a little more time on you little one...

Have a good week ahead readers.

Much love from me and Airiel.

Peace and love to everyone.