Monday, January 24, 2011

Online Shopping Episode 1 2011 & Vacation headaches

Lets just let the pics do the talking

Bought the one in the below pic at LadiesFashon, address as per in the pic. Love their clothes!!

 Pants for the lil one, bought this from BabyHaus

 Court Attire fabric from E-amnibiz

 Bought dress above from LadiesFashion as well

And the top pic from LadiesFashion as well 

And this one too!!! (can you tell how much I love their clothes already? hehe)

Am currently surveying where to go for vaccay in perhaps October or December this year.  Any ideas guys? Narrowing it down to:-

  1. Krabi;
  2. Bali;
  3. Koh Samui;
  4. Gold Coast;
  5. Paris; and
  6. Christchurch.
Trouble is, if I go in December, the cold places are out... it will be super cold. Am afraid of Airiel's lung thing issue. Aries also hates cold places, he loves islands, beaches instead...

Also imagining a crazy freaky schedule at the same time:-

  • Weekie at kuantan this 29th with Bonda, Nenda, Atuk n Maksu;
  • And then off to in laws on 1st;
  • Trip to Pulau Perhentian on CNY with inlaws fam; and 
  • Trial on 7th Feb for the rest of the week onwards.



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  2. i would recommend Gold Coast becoz
    1) despite it will be winter time end of the year, not at GC. should be warm and sunny.
    2) ada Warner Bros, Universal Studios and Surfer's Paradise
    3) U will already have beachy vacay @ Pulau Perhentian

    do give this a thought, please. kalau i ada rezeki lebih, i mmg nk gi GC with my little family :)

  3. Farah : Good suggestion!! I ingat nak tunggu Matta fair tgk apa offer yg ada kalau nak gi Gold Coast ni. Jgn lupa pergi Matta Fair, mana tahu ader offer yg best best nanti! hehe