Friday, January 21, 2011

Makan -makan Thaipusam

Yesterday was a holiday, spent the day with Airiel for most part but squeezed time to also...

Watch the Tourist

I was reluctant to watch the movie after the less than flattering reviews I have read, but since that is the only movie that was available during Airiel's naptime, tgk jelah. Verdict? It was not really that bad of a movie. The storyline was ok, there was some interesting moments, its just that I think when you pair 2 really great actors on screen, people would expect so much more out of everything and an ok just does not cut it for someone of the likes of Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. 

Buy some PS3 games

Those close to me would know how much of an RPG gamer I am. Aries is quite the gamer addict himself (1st person shooter games, racing games and God of War kinda), although that obsession has somewhat subsided after he started playing golf.

I bought FFXIII when it first came out but never got around to playing it because at the time, there were no English subtitles or voice overs, only japanese ones. Yesterday we went to Gamer's Hideout and got 2 new games, my coveted FFXIII in English and Battlefied:Bad Company 2. Just started playing my FFXIII and I know I will take a while to finish, sebab nak main pon kena ikut time Airiel tido. Well, let's see.

Makan-makan yummy

Hehe, we went to Kampung Baru to our fave place, Restoran LaLa...sedap tak terkira!!! Biar gambar menjelaskan yummy itu:-

Muka skandal pada malam itu... 

Teh O Ais and Asamboi panas 

Kerabu Kaki Ayam 

Ayam Goreng Petai 

Telur Dadar 

Brokoli Sos Tiram 

Sambal yg sangat mantap!!! 

Sotong Stim Asam Limau...

Berapa kilo naik sebab makan semua itu pukul 11 malam? Tak mahu kira buat masa ni huhu...

Try Machos Nachos A & W

This is A &W's new dish.. I somehow do not think it was real nachos from the looks of it and the sauce is actually just their topping for their coney dog. So ok ok jerla..

How did you guys enjoy your Thaipusam hol? hehe

Selamat hujung minggu readers!


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