Monday, January 17, 2011

Missing a brain

This is not a blog about politics, although some posts might indicate that I do view our country's political events with a huge sense of alarm (need I elaborate on why for God's sake?). I mean, these days:-
  • I cry when I buy onions instead of when I am cutting them (RM7 to RM22 per kilo, a bit steep don't you think?);
  • I feel faint (not in a good, giddy sense mind you) everytime I want to fill petrol in Stevie, I don't freaking care if someone gets pissed off about me complaining about the price rise and then say, I should go freaking go overseas (which I have pun) to understand why I shouldn't complain. I work hard for every dime I make (which is all taxable on top of that mind you), and if I have to complain about spending so much on oil, I'll complain about it and you can continue to fume for absolutely no reason (unless you are not paying for your oil), thank you very much;
  • I just want to look away when I read the papers every day. Why la everybody has to fight, the Chinese are angry with the Malays and Indians, the Indians are angry at the Malays and Chinese and the Malays are angry ... well ... at everybody else. Why? Why can't we just bloody well get along? I have a close knit group of friends who consists of all these races and we are FINE!! We actually love each other to bits!! So why la? why?
  • And while all of this ruckus have just been turned into a political hogwash, what about serious, real issues that are plaguing this country? you know, like the hardcore poor? allocations for the handicap? children who are abused, raped and killed? the decline in morals of our teens? (or older men and women who are apparently going through some kind of mid-life crisis), the rising suicide rate? the rising insanity rate? 
This is not a blog that was created to admonish anybody, although some posts have been bluntly directed to people who think they are:-
  •  'legally trained' while not knowing the requirements of a 'defamatory statement';
  • going to heaven for shitting/preaching on me and my views on how I live 'my life' no less while we know they spend every pathetic weekend at werners (no offence to anyone in particular reading this blog who does go there and who does not preach to me, you're off the hook) getting wasted. The best Muslim out there I bet you are;
  • who thinks females should be seen and boinked and not heard (slap you); and
  • handicapped insensitive people who should have their legs cut off to make them get it.
I once scolded a grown up man who parked at a handicap spot. This is what I said

Me      :    "Mr, unless you are missing a foot or arm, you should not be parking here"
Man    :    "I still want to park here, what's your problem"
Me     :     "You are the problem, people like you. You might not be missing an arm or foot, but you sure as 
                 hell are missing a brain. If you ever have a daughter who is handicapped, I am sure you will be the 
                 one doing the scolding right now"
Man    :    "How dare you curse me ahhhhh"
Me      :    "Damn right, and you sure deserve it"

And that is why this is the title of my post. Because I think people these days are lacking common sense, tolerance and downright logic.


  1. people are angry at one another mainly sebab tekanan kehidupan sekarang. you do have the right to be angry though -- it is your hard earned money.. The country's political state -- is indeed an alarming thing -- especially with the recent line up of supposedly 'pemimpin'. sigh~

  2. Kak Marina: Entahlah kak marina, kengkadang iza rasa org kita ni fokus kan benda remeh temeh, benda sensitif yg tak sepatutnya disebut, pastu sungguh inconsiderate terhadap satu sama lain. Iza tgk jadi geram. baru baru ni gaduh dengan sedara sendiri pasal isu bawang dgn minyak. sedara iza kata iza tak patut melenting kalo harga bawang atau minyak naik. kenapa pulak iza takleh nak melenting, duit iza kerje sendiri apa? bukan dia nak belanja iza kan? tapi diam jelah kan sebab sedara. itu yg ckp kat blog ni, sebab geram. Hish...