Thursday, January 26, 2017

Weekie 2016 - Grand Lexis Port Dickson

"And now I was older, and the wishful props of future selves had lost their comforts. I might always feel some form of this, a depression that did not lift but grew compact and familiar, a space occupied like the sad limbo of hotel rooms" ~ Emma Cline

Hello readers,

The only reason I am getting to update this today is because I am down with vertigo and is resting at home. It was only a matter of time before an attack hit, I literally felt it coming. And then boom.

Anyway, last year's end of the year weekie was awfully fun for Airiel and I. We went to Grand Lexis PD and it was simply awesome.

The villa comes with a pool which Airiel did not want to go into at first because he thought it was deep and he was afraid he would drown. Once he was comfortable though he basically refused to get out and forced me to stay in the pool with him! 

The bathroom and toilet was clean and was a separate space, although it was next to each other.

It had a nice lounge seating area. 

It had a working table which I used for work while Airiel played. 

The kitchen was a nice huge size with a microwave and basic essentials. 

The powder area is situated in front of the toilet/shower and was quite spacious as well.

The best part was of course the twin king beds. They were simply huge! Airiel and I was super comfortable.

This is one hotel that I have absolutely no complaints about. The staff was friendly, no request was too much for them and check in was fast, despite the crazy end of the year crowd.

The place was clean and all facilities were working.

I would recommend this place to anyone with kids and family. If you are aurat conscious opt for the villa with the pool that cannot be seen outside like mine. And then put your bikini on and jump in!!

Much love from Airiel and I.

Peace and love to everyone.