Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best Friends, heart and soul

I have only ever considered 2 people as my best friends. Sam (I am still searching for her) and Huda.

Huda I still keep in contact with.

We don't fit in the category of what  'best friends' are.

We don't hang out very often. Since I got married, we met each other less and less, when she got married, even less. But it does not affect us. Have you gotten that mass e-mail about where when you don't speak to a friend for a week, and then a month and then a year and you find that you have less and less to talk about? Our distance, never affects us. I can drop from her radar and she can drop from mine for like months and months and when we do have the time for a chat, we speak for hours about everything, no awkwardness due to the lapse of time, no shyness..nothing. It's as if we never stopped speaking during those months.

We understand that by getting married, we have responsibilities to our husbands and family and they always come first, I do not pressure her to make time for me or put me first and she does not either. There is no pressure  to commit. She is in my mind and I am in hers... we never get 'terasa' with each other, because there are no sky high expectations about one should do for the other and there is no doubt about the bond that we share. We do what we can when we can.

When I got serious with Aries, I took him to see her first. She saw him and met him before my parents ever did. Why? because her approval of him was important to me. I remember asking her "ko rasa dia ikhlas tak?". And she says "Ntah, tapi dia nampak macam serius, ko bagilah peluang dekat dia". So I did.

When I got engaged in Sg Siput, she was with me all the way. Saw Aries' mom put on the engagement ring on my finger. She fixed my tudung, helped me tidy my grandma's house. When I got married, she was by my side throughout. She sat behind me during my nikah day. Slept with me the night before the wedding. Walked by my side to my pelamin. When I got pregnant, Huda went with me for my first ever checkup at the Klinik Kesihatan. She was there when Aries was not.

When she wanted to get engaged, I was the first person she told. Same as when she wanted to get married. When she went under the radar for 3 months, I knew in my heart she got herself preggers, hehehe. And then tetiba dia on handphone, preggy confirmed!!! hehehe

Why am I writing about this? Because she gave birth to a wonderful baby boy weighing 2.75 kg on Tuesday morning. When she was in labor, I was the first person she called in the afternoon of Sunday. She is not the healthiest of people. So her pregnancy was risky. I got worried. But I did not want to go there to the hospital all whiny and crying. I would be of no help right. So we sms each other all day. Night came and her labour did not progress. I was so worried I could not sleep. I ended up sleeping at 3.30 am. First thing I did when I woke up was sms her, only 1 cm dilated. She was going to be induced... so by the evening dah start sakit. And then night-time, I lost touch already. I smsed and called and got so worried sampai Aries cakap "Buat apa nak risau, biarlah husband dia risau". I told Aries "I have known Huda longer than her husband knows her, and she has known me a lot longer than you have".

The next morning her hubby smsed me saying she had a ceasar, and the first chance she got, she mmsed baby's pic!!!! So cute!!!

I still have not visited her at the hospital. Am thinking of what to buy. Will visit her tomorrow.

Don't you see? I love her. She knows that. And that is what matters.

If you have a friend like this in your life, know that this is what  a 'best friend' is. Someone that will walk beside you in the darkest of your times to hold your hand and guide you through it, but chooses to walk behind you when there is light to let you enjoy the most of it.

May Allah bless our friendship.

Heart and soul.

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