Friday, January 14, 2011

Cat in the hood

Yesterday, when I started my car at the office to go home, I heard a 'meow'.

As I was driving inside the car park...the meows persisted. At first I thought it was from car park compund I stopped and tried to look for the cat...the meows stopped. So I paid my car ticket and exited. The meows started again!

I panicked and stopped my car at the Duta Shell petrol station. I was like calling out to all the abang and kakak and adik "please help me, I think a cat is stuck under my car". You think that people would just ignore me right? But I was surprised by their reaction. I think a total of 10 people stopped their cars, motorcyles and vans to help me find the cat. We heard its persistent meows and looked high and low...tapi after about 30 minutes, still couldn't locate the cat.

And then one abang said, "why don't you drive very slowly to your house and take to a workshop near your house. They can raise the car and look for the cat". So with scores of people waving (a lot joined in the search afterwards) and escorting me (which was touching and embarassing actually), I drove off. The cat meowed like crazy while I was driving. I was scared I hurt the cat, and I actually cried in the car and shouted at the cat to hold on.

When I reached home, atuk kebetulan sampai. Now Atuk loves cats so he was desperate to find the cat. We drove the car up our curb so that it was higher and we can see under the car. By this time Aries arrived from his golf session and we continued in the search. When that failed, we called Bonda's favourite mechanic who agreed to wait at his workshop (eventhough the workshop has already closed) and off we went. Atuk pesan awal awal "Bawak balik kucing tu ke rumah".

Apparently it was not under the car, it was tucked away in a small spot at the side of the engine. The cat was in shock but relatively unharmed!!! Alhamdulillah. The mechanic got it out in a jiffy!!

And that is how 'Tayar' (the cat's name) joined our family!!!

It was Allah's will to bring tayar to us, so we are taking care of him. Pics of tayar will be uploaded later. He has not had a bath yet. Baru nak mandikan hari ni.



  1. awww.. take a pic of tayar, nak tengok

  2. dana: nanti iza upload...nak tunggu bersih skit hehe...

  3. idza,
    OMG! u have such courage to drive the car so far and i would cry as well if i were you! and to think so many ppl stopped to help and find the cat is so touching! and pls do upload a pic of Tayar. I wanna see that little piece of Bravery :D

  4. Farah: I know...I was so panicky! Tayar did it again yesterday by climbing into the engine yesterday. My mom got Tayar out. This morning he wanted to climb in again but I managed to tangkap him first. Sheesh...tayar really is something I tell you!!