Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Office Politics

Ahhaa, and so here comes the awaited post.

I need to write this down to express disgust first and foremost and to how puzzled I currently am when it comes to this.

I paid a visit to J*& O(&^** on Monday and I saw the division of people almost immediately...what I mean by this is...

(i)  Ada golongan 'Aku kena nampak macam rajin kerja, tulis-tulis padahal tgh lukis gambar burger'

(ii) Ada golongan 'Aku kena nampak macam baik dgn ko padahal belakang ko aku mcm cibai kutuk ko'

(iii) Ada golongan 'Aku memang malas buat kejer and aku tak kisah siapapun nampak, sebab aku ampu bos and selagi bos suka aku, buat keje pun tak payah'

(iv) Ada golongan 'Aku ni kaki mengadu and drama, bende sikit pun aku heboh mcm kiamat, bukannya apa, nak tunjuk kat bos aku ni mcm rajin and bagus'

And of course ada golongan yg betul-betul buat kerjelaa..tahniah buat anda jikalau anda begitu.

And I thought, WTF is going on? Machiavelliannye suasana kat sini...adakah semua gov. department sama?

How is it possible for you to be in a 'favoured' group atau sebaliknya?

Why is it even necessary to have a 'favoured' group in the first place?

Why is it necessary to make other people look bad to make yourself look better?

How can you survive in a workplace if you do not do (or do minimal) work but just ampu bos only?

Just because someone is different or do work differently than you, does that mean they are worse off than you or that you are better?

I mean this is really happening!

I know that this happens in the private profession as well (albeat only in rare cases)

And I noticed a common vein in all the places where this happens, ramai 'Melayu'.

Is this why? Adakah org Melayu ini bersifat pemalas dan pendengki? I mean that's what other races in Malaysia generally know us by (look at the connotations regarding the Malays in the movie Sepet) but really, really do we have to prove them right?

Do Malay bosses have a tendency to suka 'diampu' and favour one person over another?

I mean favouring one over another is perhaps, fine ..but marginalising others or those you are not fond of? Is that fair? Is that a conduct befitting of a head of an organisation?

I thought their role is to guide, teach, reprimand when you are wrong (not victimise - there is a difference here mind you) instead of going around telling everyone that 'so and so has no future in the government service, just tell him and/or her to quit'. I mean, how does that reflect on you as a head of a professional organisation..really? I do not know about you but it just sounds UN-PROFESSIONAL to me.

The reasoning deludes me. Being in private practice (where my contact with my own race is minimal), I have never faced such a situation or seen it happening. Here, we go up or down on the merits, on how hard we work, on our arguments in court and how we can cater to extreme workloads and deadlines.

Which have made me come to a conclusion, people like this would not last 5 minutes in private practice, because if you want to get by just by mengampu bos and mengutuk your colleagues and not do any work (or minimal work), you will not last very long,more likely than not it will be reflected in your billings at the end of the year.

And perhaps, your superior in private practice would at least have the sense to know who is doing work and who is not, and perhaps know that this sub-ordinate of his yang sanggup mengutuk colleague sendiri would probably mengutuk dia jugak sebenarnya.

Again, I struggle to understand it.

What irks and disgusts me the most is that some of these people who have been prima facie identified as 'kaki mengumpat' or 'mengadu' or 'mangampu' (or any combination of all those qualities) (Tuhan tarik lidah keluar sampai tercabut time akhirat nanti tahu?) are my and/or our own unimates!

BTW, what I am doing here is not mengumpat as I am saying it to your face that you are disgusting. I tak main cakap belakang ok?

P.S - Bagi unimate yng tak terasa, this post is clearly not meant for you, for those yang terasa tu, well - RES IPSA LOQUITUR.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 day weekend

It was a 3 day weekend for me...

Was on leave today (meaning monday)

Anyways..updates away!

I want to share a comparison of Nyonya food me and Aries tasted:-

On Sunday, we went to Nyonya Kitchen at Plaza Masalam, we did not like our food.

Lala (I think this was the most ok dish of the meal)

Kapitan Chicken Curry (we did not take more than 2 or 3 spoonfuls, it was bad)

Garlic fried Nai Pak. It was ok but nothing to shout about

Otak Otak, no flavour at all

Owhh..we regretted eating here! The bill was pricey too...!!!

Later Sunday, I drove Stevie to JB while Aries drove his beloved (walaupun asyik rosak) Beamer back to JB. The plan was to actually leave the Beamer with me while Aries drove Stevie back to JB to meet Puspakom people. Tapi bila Beamer to buat hal..terpaksa bawak kedua-duanya balik. Verdict, kena tinggal Airiel kat KL. Sigh verdict lagik? Rindu anak sampai kul 2 pagi baru tidur

Anyways, dah sampai JB Aries bwk to another Nyonya restaurant in Stulang. Comparison to Shah Alam restaurant? Night and day

This is probably the best curry I have ever tasted (I don't eat fish but the kuah was to die for)

I dont know whether this is Nyonya dish but it was fab! Daging Rusa ok?

Ish..the taste and quality and freshness was so different!

I intend to blog about something which may be sensitive persons yang akan terasa..and perhaps akan dikecohkan di JBC. But I need to express disgust..and since this is the only forum where I can do so as it is my blog..I shall do it..lets see ehh?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recent online purchases

The online shopping addict has been at it again!!

I am super stressed as the work load this year is 10 times heavier than last year. By that I mean:-

(i)     6 submissions to be finished by next week;

(ii)    2 opinions to be finished by next week (thank god I have already finished 1); 

(iii)   About 9 witness statements for trials in July and September (bukankah sekarang ni Jun dah nak abis? Sigh); and

(iv) The list goes on..

So meanwhile buat is a must, enjoy guys:-

This if from Puteri Fashion

Note to all blogshops out there:-

Thank you for visiting my blog. However please note that this is my personal blog and not a review blog. Please do not ask me to review your blogshop. I would still have to decline even if you say that you are willing to pay me as this is a labour of love on my part. Whatever items I have included here is what I have personally bought and what I personally love.

Thank you

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Takde budget? Really? Seriously?

This is a post which I must's about Airiel's checkup and matters incidental to that check-up.

When me and Aries brought Airiel for a checkup and the Kelana Jaya Klinik Kesihatan (yes, it is a government clinic), I was alarmed to find out that when we reached the place that the air-conditioning was not working..

I did not say a word and did not complain. Picture this in your head (30 babies screaming and crying because it is hot and stuffy).

We waited for 2 hours to see the doctor and all that (that was fine, I am used to waiting) and as I was leaving (Aries had ran to the car with Airiel as it was super hot ok?), I asked the nurse 'akak, kesian saya tgk akak, bila nak baik air-con ni?' . Her answer caught me off -guard "Ntahla dik, kami ni macam nak mati, tapi boss kata takde bajet nak baik, tahun depan kot."

You know you hear stories saying that the government takde bajet for this and that and is running out of funds la bla bla bla...Political bull I would say..

And then this happens and I realise that something is wrong somewhere.

There has to be something wrong for a government clinic to be out of funds to maintain its own facilities, would you agree?

Did you know that the nurses wear really thick outfits and some of them were pregnant as well? How to do such a job sampai tahun depan dalam keadaan begitu?

I mean, these are basic needs. The public have never expected a government hospital or clinic to have the most comfortable of facilities like its private counterparts, but this is basic, and I stress upon the word 'basic'. 

And then the Government has the cheek to even have the intention to relocate the Parliament?

And then 800 million for a palace?

And God knows what else?

And cut the subsidies? for what?

I can't help but read all this with disgust!!

Some might say this post is about politics, but it is NOT! It is about every Malaysian citizen's right to be afforded basic needs and facilities, and we are not getting even that!

I am appalled.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2 1/2 days

Aries was here until Monday afternoon!

Hence the 21/2 days referred to here...


Last Friday Aries arrived really late...and Airiel refused to sleep..He slept around 2 am I think..waiting for his Abah to come home..

Anyways on Saturday we went shopping at Pavillion where Aries bought a belt and wallet..Habis duit byk kat situ..Fuhhh, tapi consider that the belt and wallet he used dah rosak and he has been using the same one yang dia dpt utk hantaran 3 years back, it's time to beli yang baru..

Kitorang mcm makan dekat this Indian restaurant (forgot the name).. it was ok

Aries had the set, which he finished

I had the nasi goreng set

The chicken tikka which was soft and tender

Aries' mango lassi. 

That night, I had a sushi craving so we went to Sakae Sushi in Subang Parade for dinner..(thanks Aries coz I know you are not a sushi fan) No pics though. Lo and behold, after the sushi session, Aries was still we went to Nando's plak.

Look at him hungrily devouring the chicken..Grrr

This post has been a bloody tough one on me..The pics won't load for some reason at the office. Ngoks..


On Sunday I had to attend a client's AGM (work on Sunday morning!!) Hehe..but I am ok with it. Anyways, after the AGM finished, I went to Subang Parade (yet again!, Yes I know) to but my full SKII set, which I will blog about later this week.

Aries bought himself a perfume, the Armani Code Summer Edition which smelled lovely! 

And we spent the rest of the Sunday at home with Airiel...

Monday morning we took Airiel for a medical checkup, which I will blog about later as well...

Thanks Aries, teman pergi checkup anak..hope you won't get into trouble sebab cuti with your 'you know what kind of' boss. 

P.S: - Urggh..pembaca blog di &^%* yang share ofis dgn ^*%*) tak payahla nak kecoh pasal content blog ni...terasa macam selebriti plak ..ecehhh..

Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend Wacky

I forgot to update what happened last weekend! Gasp

Anyways, me and Aries decided to go at night last weekend and have a special night out.

So we stayed home during the day and spent some quality time with 'not so' little Airiel.

And then after Maghrib, Aries took me out. 'Somewhere special' he said.

I was super excited!! It turns out he wanted to take to me to the Ampang Look Out Point...but we sort of got lost..heheh

Thanks to Google Maps, we actually got there..but there was just too many people. We could not even park. Frustrated, we left.

Tapi perut laparla drive sini sana cari tempat makan..Ended up in Victoria Station hehe..
Makan makan!! Pics below

Sipu Babi..yummy!

Aries' oysters


My steak which was so big, I couldn't finish it..I can't remember the name but it had peppercorns in it. Suka!!

This was Aries punya rib-eye..tapi belum sempat tangkap gambo, it was gone!! Hehe

Aries being scandalous...padahal sparkling je..ecehh

We went to the newly opened Empire Shopping Gallery on Sunday. It's quite a cozy place jugakla...There's Chilli's, Italiannes, Rakuzen and even Tarbush there.

Tapi tak sempat sgt nak round. Went to Subang Parade to shop sakan..and then home to Airiel...

This weekend nak shopping cari belt..and I want to buy my full SKII set. It works wonders for me. Will update on the exact changes to my skin in about another weeks time. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another sleepless night

It was another sleepless night for me yesterday..

But it was for a very different reason..

I read Ida's post yesterday morning and I was upset for the rest of the day.

I can't burst out crying because my room in my new office does not have a door and I do not really that much privacy...but I was on the verge of tears a couple of times.

I was itching to get home and see Airiel but had to rush something and only got home around 9.30 at night by which time, Airiel had already fell asleep.

I can't read these things, losing a child is a grief which I cannot fathom and which I pray to God everyday that I would never have to face.

Airiel was sleeping in his buai. I softly took him out and carried him upstairs.

I held him and rocked him back and forth.. and I cried..and cried..and cried.

I don't know why.

Ida, I do not know your friend...and I will never be able to understand the pain she or Diar goes through.

But I know as I held Airiel in my arms that I would gladly give my life and everything I have for  him...the love I felt as a mother was so great... I cannot describe it.

Losing a child is ..sigh

I cannot write about this anymore.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Bona Fide Black and White


Pepagi dah bershopping..

But know how hard it is nak jumpa kain hitam putih untuk buat baju kurung untuk pergi court kan..?

So I had to buy it when I saw it..


The price is also reasonable.

What a way to kick off my Monday!!!

I bought the above from BazaarTerengganu

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Giving my face a 2nd try

I've always had like really really dry skin..and I have been switching from one product to another...

Right now I use a mixture of products, but my dry skin never really goes away..

So, based on my sis punya recommendation, I have decided to give the SKII line a try..

I bought their trial pack at RM99 and shall be trying it out for a week.

At the same time I bought their moisturiser (normal size) and their loose powder.

The moisturiser is lovely! and I saw an immediate change on my dry areas..

Let's see if it evens out my skin tone and improves my overall complexion.

Thank God I do not have pimple issues..

I'll update you guys on how it works for me..!!

I am so excited!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

And I cry..

Ya Allah..

I cannot help but cry.

My brothers and sisters, you are in my prayers always....

See for yourselves, cruelty and evil in the flesh..for those who have inflicted this upon the innocent, is promised eternal damnation.

It is a promise given that by Allah, or any God you believe in out there.

And Allah, or any God you believe out there does not break His promise.

And I cry...

Learning to Let Go

Ish..I am having trouble sleeping...

I do go through this sometimes when my mind wanders to old unsavoury memories..

I need to learn how to let go of that.. of what happened...

I tell myself 'Sudah-sudahla tu Idza oooiii' . All water under the bridge right?

My heart does not seem to listen to what my brain is telling it to do..

I do keep myself busy with work...but times like this...some late nights, I tell you, it is hits me like...I don't know how to describe just hits me.

Sigh...I need to write this so that I can sleep.

Seniman yang hidup di dalam hati dan jiwa ini..menangis lagi...

Sudah lah ..



Duka di dalam hati ini, tiada kawan yang dapat meneka...


Enough ...must sleep

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I was so stressed upon knowing the crisis Aries has in JB about his boss and all that I decided to do some retail therapy.

Shoe mania!!!! HUaragggghh

I've ordered these:-

Huhuh...terubat sedikit sebanyak..tapi masih risau..


Aren't these shoes gorgeous??? They are ready stock by the way... Get them from Lolita Candy.

Sigh..bersabarlah wahai suami.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm with you

Dear Aries,

I know how you are tested at the moment...

How doing what you love can be become hell under bad, bad leadership...

How demoralizing and cruel a superior can be simply because he 'can'...

How stressful and painful when personal comments are made..

How nonsensical it is when professionalism is thrown out of the window..

How helpless you feel, maklumlah... kita 'ikan kecil'.

How office politics makes you puke and vomit...

I am..with you

Always with you.

As for 'that' person...biar Tuhan sahaja membalasnya.

Let payback be swift, cruel and severe.

Biarlah anak-anaknya merasa pula suatu hari nanti. Amin

Allah telah berjanji untuk mendengar doa hambaNya yang teraniaya.

Dan sesungguhnya Allah tidak memungkiri janji.

Pampering weekend

Last weekend was ok

I was quite upset on Friday that the juicy fluffy bag from juicy couture I had my eye on from I want bags was sold. Sob sob

I was even more upset when I found out Aries' name was not on the flight from JB, his friend silap book. Aries kena naik krete and sampai lambat..2 a.m or something.

We naturally woke up late in the morning.. and watched Prince of Persia. It was so so. Aries had a fitting for his suit.

Bought some baju for Airiel and his other necessities as well. Nothing for me..huhu

So on Sunday, it was 'me' day!!

Had a mani pedi session with Aries and then I got my hair done..!! Yeay..happy..

Lunchy at Nandos in Tropicana City Mall

Hungry!!! Grrrr

We both had the new was hot and masam. Airies' tummy seems to be ok with it...but my tummy did not do so well...URgghh..shall not elaborate further.

Result of the weekend escapade:-

Toenails                - Happy
Fingernails            - Happy
Hair                      - Slightly happy (needs more treatment)
Tummy                 - Upset (too hot and masam walaupun sedap!!)

Owhh..ingat weekend ni nak pergi couple spa dengan Aries, anybody knows where I can find a spa that caters to couples? Feedback is appreciated..Thanks

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cotton Mania and a few other updates

There's these whole series of new blogshops selling cotton.

Should I buy to make baju kurung?

I mean is the kain comfy?

I usually only buy sutera online and have loved it so far.

Ideas from those who usually wear cotton?

Ohh..and just a few new updates:-

My maid that ran away? Came back begging to work with us. My dad said yes out of sympathy. When I asked him why he let her do that after all that she has done, he said "let's be forgiving to her, so that God
may forgive us for whatever we may have done" . Sigh..what a man he is indeed. A rare one there

I have just gotten my Aigner Tucson bag which I absolutely love!!! Pics later

My relatives who were so cruel to my family because of my poisonous aunt have now suffered the poison themselves, shall I say???  Ahahaha I TOLD YOU SO. And NO, I do NOT give a crap because it's kind of too late now..ain't it? PADANLA MUKA. Now shooo shooo

Airiel said yesterday to me before he fell asleep at 1 a.m. 'Yang Mama' and kissed me on the cheek at 1
year and 3 months old. I cried my eyes out. So touching ..

Hehe..until then..


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Airiel


As promised, Airiel playing with water in kelantan..

He had like 5 to 6 baths per was THAT hot

See how happy he looks!!