Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Islam itu Indah...who are YOU to say otherwise?

Facebook is starting to infuriate me.

Ok, part of it has to do with being timelined but more than that I find that some people in my circle have become more and more annoying over the years. More recently being org-org yang suka buat statement memperlekehkan ilmu agama and ulama' which I find completely unacceptable.

I grew up overseas and have been enrolled in schools under churches, I have sung Christmas hymns during Christmas for as long as I can remember back then, I have read the Bible (both the Catholic and Protestant versions) and the Torah as well.

Being in this kind of environment made me long to understand the roots of my own religion of which I was not exposed to as a child. So when I returned to Malaysia, I, of my own volition enrolled in a religious school. There were definite pros and cons to this of course, and I would be lying if I state that I wholly liked the environment. I didn't.

I honestly hated the 'I am better that 90% of other muslims out there because I am in here' attitude, I did not understand the perception that girls who wore tudung labuh was better than the girls yang pakai tudung bawal, I hated the fact that people treated me as an outcast for the longest time because I spoke English with a Birmingham accent. I hated the fact that being friends with guys or even speaking to them was considered a huge 'faux pas' which resulted in you being an outcast even more and I hated the fact schools like this have an Arab culture and the tendency to exists in tribes, you ini dan group itu.

But let me tell you something, it was there I discovered the absolute beauty of Islam, the religion that I was fortunate enough to be born into. I learned the concepts  of the oneness of Allah swt, the reasoning behind Allah swt 99 individual names in Tauhid, the reasoning behind every hukum conceivable applicable in our daily life in Fiqah, the history of Islamic development and growth in great detail in Sirah.

I learned the reasoning and the beauty of reading the Quran with the correct tajwid and pronounciation and how the meaning of the words and verses can dramatically change if you fail to pronouce or make use of the tajwid properly.

I learned the history and the reasoning behind the banning of alcohol, eating non-halal food, the rationale of women being asked to cover their aurat and the beauty and freedom that it affords women in that. I learned exceptions to the general rules and hukum in Islam and learned that my religion is one that is full of mercy, understanding and kelonggaran to those who profess it.

I learned and got to know the greatest Islamic teachers who taught me that I know are a dying breed. These are people who spent their entire lives learning just one subject in the very many facets of our religion, and by understanding that, I developed a newfound respect for ahli and ilmuan agama. Credit has to be given when it is due, and respect needs to be afforded to people who know their craft.

You think you can learn all there is to know about Islam by getting a taking a one year fastrack course or diploma in syariah? Dah alim ke bajet? You think you can pose controversial questions on facebook regarding fundamental concepts of religion and copy and paste an answer from the first website you googled when I ask you for an explanation? Accusing pakar ilmu agama and alim ulama' as being stuck in the 60s because they only concentrate on the issues of aurat is not funny and would showcase only one thing, IGNORANCE.

Do all of you know that the alim ulama' of the world has issued fatwas from everything that ranges from DNA testing, to having pork gelatin capsules in medication, to IVF for couples struggling to conceive, to women competing in sports events? Do not confuse cultural boundaries and stigma with religion, which most of us make the mistake of making, like how our Melayu culture states that it is a women's responsibility to do housework and when Islam has clearly stated that it is NOT.

I mean, the extent of the ignorance is just appalling. If you know you are ignorant of the precepts of your religion and tak berapa pandai, please go ask someone who knows and by that I DO NOT mean by typing for an answer in GOOGLE.

Some of my friends blame their parents of all people  "tapikan mak bapak I tak pernah emphasize belajar agama kat I". Haiyoo, umur pun dah 30, silalah pergi sendiri kuliah di masjid ke hape. If you malas sgt, pergilah tgk video-video kuliah ustaz ustaz dan alim ulama' di Youtube (nape, ingat takde ke? Org agama pun dah tech savvy ok?). No need to blame your parents lah.

People who think Islam is stifling and outdated clearly do not understand the precepts and reasoning behind it and take a narrow view of its kesyumulan. And for God's sake please do not use the term 'I am a liberal islamist' to justify your drinking of alcohol, engaging in pre-marital sex our sex outside of marriage or whatever it is the hell that you want to justify. That's just really you being ignorant again, or being in denial because you want to justify to yourself or whoever you may think is going to judge you that you are a good person. Good person you may be, but being a good muslim is something different altogether. That is your problem.

But seriously stop trying to make yourself feel better by mengutuk ulama' and your own religion and making it public on facebook like it is some badge of honour. Guess what? It  is NOT and it DOESN'T. There is nothing to be proud of when you are ignorant of the one most single fundamental presence and/or influence in your life and that is your faith. I find it strange how it is people who are born into Islam these days are the ones who tend to move away from it, whilst other people struggle to convert and to be born again into Islam and are alienated by their families, community for doing so and nevertheless push forward and do it. Sesungguhnya kita adalah org yang tidak tahu bersyukur.

I always feel obligated to explain what I have learned when I see statements like these on facebook because the prophet s.a.w. (may he be blessed) always said that I should propagate his teachings, be it to a single soul, tetapi org org mcmni, bila kita tegur tak kiralah cara baik ke, mulalah melenting and panggil kita ni perasan alim pastu start cakap pasal azazeel and what not, haiyooo...don't let me even get started on how fundamentally wrong some people can be on this.

Adoiii, well sorry for trying to do you a favour dude, you can then continue being an ignorant ass. So to make myself not feel obligated, I'm gonna just deactivate facebook for a while.

I am proud to be a Muslim, I am proud to be trying to be the best Muslim I can be everyday. I am proud to try and adhere to its principles and to refrain from doing what it has prohibited and unlike the Western world who believes in the burden and glory of freedom as JFK would put it, I thank Allah swt everyday that I am not faced with that burden, for my life is not mine to keep and to live as I please. My life, my possessions and my beloved is borrowed by the Almighty to me and to the Almighty shall it return. With that understanding, I shall try to live my life to the best of my ability in the way the Almighty has decreed in the Quran, by the sunnah of the prophet s.a.w. and by the knowledge of those who endeavour to learn and appreciate its beauty.

People who say otherwise can go sod it.

Have a good long weekend ahead.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII

Hello Everyone

While I was left alone at home sementara semua org pergi beraya this year, I took up my FFXIII game and started playing it.

I mean I bought the game like 2 years ago but with the presence of Airiel at the time, I had to make a conscious decision to not play the game and concentrate on him instead.

I try and make time for like an hour a day these days after Airiel has gone to bed to play, but its really not easy to balance out the time.

Anyways, let me just tell you its a visually stunning game. I mean I have tried all manner of Western made games, and it is just falls short of what the Japanese games can do when it comes to a feast for your eyes.

Aren't the graphics awesome?

That being said, I was surprised that this was even a Final Fantasy series to begin with. When I started playing it, it had no similarities to any of the previous Final Fantasy games I have played ( and yes, I have played and completed ALL of them). Having played Final Fantasy since SNES days, I was really surprised at how linear the game was for the most part of it.

No towns? No mini games? No chocobo raising? No exploring and wasting time finding weird armor or stealing super rare items from monsters? These were always, always common themes present in ALL final fantasy titles.

And the battle system was different and did not allow for much creativity on a player's part maybe except for the switching of the paradigms. Because choosing your own battle action slows down your ATB gauge, you end up letting it go automatic.

So so sad I was.

But then I suppose once you get over the initial shock of how different things are, the game is not all that bad.   Storyline is epic (as is all FF titles) and whilst everything is an adjustment, you have to give credit to EA for trying something different.

Only maybe not SOOOO different next time ok EA?

Whilst I usually replay all FF games I complete a couple of times, I don't think I will be replaying FFXIII once I complete it. Simply because, I didn't think I missed anything (Yes, it was that LINEAR).

I got my hands on FFXIII-2. But I am so, so excited about FFXIII versus coming out. Is it true its coming out in December 2012?

Can't wait for that one, the trailer is AWESOME!! Take a look

Have a good week ahead, whatever's left of it. I shall be dreaming about Versus!

P.S - The pictures and videos are credited to their owners.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Song of Sorrow...

A cold dream
Though it may be against my existence
Though it may hold under this sky the reason for me to live
It is the reality we are breathing

Please do not forget me
The passing memories of this sorrow
With tears I held on to you but
My love I could not give you

Though the world forsakes me
Against me though it turns
Under a different fate let us meet
This I promise you
At the rough end of the world
For this everlasting love
I turn against destiny

Please do not worry of me
This picture I see is already familiar to me
Now I throw away time
Which cannot be turned back
I will wish for your happiness

Though the world forsakes me
Against me though it turns
Under a different fate let us meet
This I promise you
At the rough end of the world
For this everlasting love
I turn against destiny...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Salam Aidilfitri

Hello Everyone,

I have been extremely unwell in the first trimester and suffered a bit of bleeding recently. Thank God the baby was safe.

As a result, I cannot travel... at least not until after September when the 1st trimester passes. Its so sad tak dapat beraya di Sg. Siput or Kelantan. And I feel so bad sbb Nenda and Bonda chose to stay with me here in KL and not balik kampung. Aries and Airiel pun terpaksa spend 1st raya sini. So sedey.

Salam Aidilfitri to friends, foes, relatives who I know reads this blog (I can track your IP's remember? *grin*). Boy I miss how we were when we were kids and moyang was still around in Kota Lama Kiri. Things are a lot simpler when we were kids. Truly, skinned knees and mercun injuries are easier to heal than broken hearts.

From the bottom of my heart. Maaf zahir dan batin.

Be safe on the road.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Allergic to Shopping

Those who know me knows that I LOVE to shop. Tanyalah puan Huda Zuhrah ok? Hahaha

But this pregnancy has turned my life upside down. The mere thought of buying something will make me want to vomit. Yes, it makes me sick to even think of buying something, tak kiralah online shopping ke, shopping betul ke. When my sister mentions the word 'shopping raya' to my mum and when they want to go, I just go AHHH...and run away for my life as it makes me physically sick.

Adakah ini doa Aries to curb down on wifey's shopping habit haha? (padahal Aries lagilah suka shopping).

And yes it is BAD, I look at bags which I used to love buying and I can't stand looking at them at all. Its just way too weird.

Whilst this maybe money saving for Aries, its also bad because I have NOT bought anything for Raya. NOTHING. Apart from my baju raya which dah ditempah some months back, I have bought nothing else for Aries or Airiel. So they still don't have Baju Melayu, Baju Raya, kasut raya, anything raya lah. ZERO.

I feel so bad. This means that I must buy everything this weekend. How am I supposed to do that when even the thought of shopping makes me vomit? Sigh.

Anyways, in between vomiting I managed to buy some baju sets for Airiel  (Yes, in between surfing for the baju, filling out the ordering form and later paying, I was vomiting). These are from Baby and Kids Land:-

Hoo boy, looking at these pics makes me want to heave. Ok guys, please take care. I'm gonna go vomit now.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Post Natal/Confinement Packages/ Pakej Berpantang

Hello Everyone,

I am currently doing some research on post natal/confinement/berpantang packages. Kalau makanan tu mmg Nenda is tip top punya strict. But bab bertungku, berbengkung, mandi herba and everything else tu, Nenda mmg tak mampu nak bantu sgt because she is working. She maybe will take leave for me for about a week into childbirth but after that, tak tahulah siapa nak tolong.

Nenda dulu memanglah bertuah, Atuk byk membantu dalam pantang, dia lah yang ikatkan daun mengkudu kat tungku, panaskan tungku dan tungkukan semua ikut cerita Nenda, but Aries mana ada kat rumah, kerje pun jauh, so I will obviously be on my own.

So I decided to go online in search of websites and people who provide this service. I found a few which I want to share with you guys:-

Ummie - Tradisional Confinement Lady Consultant :-

Urut Bersalin - Shah Alam & Lembah Klang :-

Cintasari Postnatal Packages : -

Jemari Tradisional :-

Ila Optima care : -

Suria Home Spa & Salon :-

d'Natasya Ayu Traditional SPA :-

Sirehqasih : - (this one us apparently fully booked until July 2013, whoaaaa)

Mum's Post Natal Care :-

FabulousshopSPA :-

Happines Postnatal & Beauty Care :-

Kak Ina Confinement :-

Tanamera Postnatal :-

Kak Mek Urut : -

Siti Postnatal : -

Shadira Postnatal :-

Natalis Beauty : -

Zuzana Postnatal care:-

Onyang Nenekda Bonda :-

Wanti Sayang Postnatal Care :-

MF Care Wellness :-

Saujana Herba : -

Rimbunan Puri : -

Optimum Lady Care : -

Zeni's Moms Care : -

Muslimah Maternity Care: -

Farhana : -

Kak Ita: -

Kak Suri : -

D' Aura Spa : -

Kak Ani: -

Kak Suri/ Cik Intan: -

Fiona : -


Kak Long Liza :-

Kak Syimah :-

Spahomemobile :-

Jemari tradisi Ummi :-

Allright guys. This is what I found from my rather exhaustive search. I hope it helps all the other ladies out there. I sort of have decided who I want to book and her prices are very reasonable.

I tell you, these things are not cheap. But if it helps you in regaining your health and shape back, I am down for it.

I hope everybody has a good weekend ahead. I am slightly miserable because I can't travel and Aries has taken Airiel to balik kampung in Kelantan. I am so JEALOUS thinking of the delicious food my MIL is gonna cook and Aries is going to eat. Huarghhh...!

For more packages click here or the tag in my cloud of tags that says postnatal packages/berpantang packages okay?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kacau Daun

Feeling weaker by the day these days. On some days its bearable, on most it is not.

That is the perils of pregnancy and motherhood. The things we females do to populate this earth.

Anyways, that is not the subject of my blog post today. On my way to work, I tuned in to Mix FM where a girl called up stating the following:-

(i) that she approached a guy at work and started flirting with him recently;

(ii) that the guy reciprocated;

(iii) that soon afterwards she heard a rumour that he was engaged; and

(iv) and she managed to get confirmation that it was in fact true that he was.

She was saying that the guy always seemed miserable and that she believes she could make him happier and wants to go for him, knowing very well that he is engaged.

Now, I immediately got agitated and started to speak to myself in the car and saying how inappropriate this conduct was. But then I realised one thing, I point 1 finger at her, and there are about 4 other fingers pointing back at me.

Yes, Aries was in a long term, serious relationship when he met me. In fact, there were rumours that he was already engaged at the time (which I found out later was untrue of course). But anyhow, the point is, he was in an actual relationship, which give or take he was already in for 6 years of his life with a girl from his hometown, a beautiful one too I might add. How did I know she was pretty? I met her once in fact and I have to say, to this day I do wonder what the hell did he saw in me that he did not in her (since she was pretty, spoke Kelantanese and probably would fit into his family dynamics a lot better than I ever will).

In hindsight, the relationship that Aries had with her ended on an ugly note and she was very angry (who wouldn't be?) and the funny thing was, I never knew about her until Aries told me and took me to see her. Yes, I was under the impression that my floppy haired, skinny, bad boy Aries was single and ready to mingle. Boy, was I naive. I did try at one point to stop the madness and ask him to go back to this innocent, beautiful girl that he had spent 6 years being with, but he would have none of it. He was adamant that I was the ONE.

Is my lack of knowledge a mere reason for me to excuse myself for what took place? Do I tell myself at the time that it was JUST a relationship and nothing more, so it is ok then? It maybe so, but I cannot change the fact that my presence hurt another person immensely and eventually became the reason for a breakdown of a serious, long term relationship. She is of course happily married now and have a slew of kids to boot (I would know as she is from the same village as Aries and my MIL knows everything that there is to know there hahaha).

Maybe it is fate, atau jodoh orang kata. But I accept responsibility for what I did and the pain I caused to another human being.

At the end of the day, I suppose the line between what is right and wrong sometimes are not entirely clear, and we have to make decisions in our life that we have to live with.

Something to think about kan?