Friday, January 28, 2011

Chambi oh Chambi

Hish, there is supposed to be an 'e' at the end of each word up there.

You know what they stand for?

Chambie - Chambering Students

Why oh why? Because they made me lose my temper...this is Idza ok? To my unimates, have you ever seen me lose my temper throughout 5 years of law school and 1 year of honors? Even once?

To my chambiemates in SD, have you ever seen me lose my temper throughout my 9 months of chambering?

How bad was it sampai ME, can lose my temper and throw a freaking fit? It was bad. I tell you. I am being bulied, bullied by these kids....

Instance 1

Me : Can you prepare the notes of evidence for this one day of trial? I will do the other 2 days
Chambi: I can't do it because I am doing work for Partner X, Partner Y, Partner Z

Me: I understand that but I need you to do it, its just for 1 day, I will do the other 2 days
Chambi: Owwwh, I can't promise you

And then I am like (Huh, I can't promise you? Is this a date? Are we in a relationship?)

Me: Can you please do it?
Chambi: Can you get someone else to do it? There are new chambering students today.

Me: But you attended the trial?
Chambi: I really can't do it

Me: ???????

Instance 2

Me: Where are my Notes?
Chambi: I don't know

Me: Ok, Who is doing what?
Chambi: I don't know, I am doing 1 clip, I do not know who is doing the rest

Me: Huh? I gave you a whole cd, why can't you just do the whole cd?
Chambi: Owwwh, we have all been transferred to the *&^$^) department, I have a lot of (*&(*^&%$ work

Me: ??????? (does that answer my question?)


And the list goes on ad infinitum...

1. Does not revert with work given at the deadline specified;

2. Dahla tu, tak revert lepastu tak dtg jumpa kata tak dapat revert and ask to be given more time;

3. Dahla tu, kita pulak kena kejar diorg cari sebab nak tanya apa jadi dengan kerja kita;

4. Amboi, kul 6.30 dah balik nampak, dahtu amende yang ko sibuk sgt tu?

5. The rudeness, the lackadaisical attitude...

Macammana aku tak marah, tell me? And it is not just me, I have not even started on the nightmares others have been through when it comes to these little monsters.

And  I think to myself, I chambered not so long ago and never would it cross my mind to pull these stunts off because:-

No.1 - I am interested in learning

No. 2 - I would know that learning is never an easy process

No.3 - My parents thought that rudeness is not an acceptable form of behavior to anybody

I had a chat in Court today and apparently most of my friends from other firms are also suffering from this as well.

What is going on?

What is happening to our younger generation? And yes, at the rate these monsters are acting and the difference during the time when I chambered, I must be very old indeed.


  1. Ya Allah.. I'm also speechless. Judging at those 2 scenario given only, pun memang resonable lah u lose ur temper. I can't imagine if i'm in ur shoe that time..! Untungnya hari2 boleh balik sharp kan? My r they going to perform later part bila dah long call? campak semua kerja kat staff aje ke?

  2. Kak Lily, itulah...iza sampai nak nangis tau dibuat diorg ni. Apa dosaku? Sob sob Ntahla apa nak jadi bebudak skrang...Sigh