Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye 2009..

I won't write much on this. I think what I have experienced this year has been sufficiently described in my previous posts. Summarizing it wouldn't do it justice..

I just want to bid year 2009 goodbye.

Watch out 2010, here I come!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In laws

My sis in law registered for her masters last the in laws came.

We went and took them out for lunch at Penang village

This is the 2 styled garoupa- one side was steamed while the other was deep fried..I don't eat fish so I would not know how it tastes..but Aries says it was yummy

From left - Faiz (Aries' youngest brother), FIL, MIL, E' (Aries' youngest sister)
and Nini (the master extraordinaire)

Nini is 4 months pregnant at the moment tapi semangat amik masters with a daughter already on her hands.. she has no maid and her husband works on a ship, gone usually 3 months at a time..fuuhh..mmg I respect her. Diri sendiri mungkin tak sanggup berusaha mcm dia ni.

This is my niece (Nini's daughter) - Adriana Batrisyia (so cute!)

And last but not least (sebagai selingan) aksi comel little Airiel happy makan biskut.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More shopping...

My Kathy Van Zeeland bag arrived last week safe and sound! Presenting to you Airiel's new diaper bag! Its roomy and super nak bwk memane pun tak segan..I did not want a bag that people can look at and identify as a 'diaper bag' so this bag is so purrffect! Hehe..

Bershopping lagi these few days..hummm...

These bedrails were on sale..50% from RM199 so we bought 2, Airiel kan tido lesak malam malam bolehla pasang bedrails ni kat katil.

They are foldable so senang nak bwk travel kalau nak

Me and Aries bought a PS3 for ourselves...*splurge splurge*

What a beautiful looking thing..sigh

We bought these games too..BTW all games for PS3 kena beli ori for the mahal wooo..Final Fantasy tu goes for RM380 a pop..jeez

Wajah happy Aries main PS3

Airiel's toys all over the place..

The in laws came over during the weekend, pics of family outing will uploaded in next post

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I want!

Airiel's ada masa nak buat short post ni.

I want!

Ituje sebenarnya hehe..

Ngok ngek kan?


Time scooting by

Its already almost the end of the first week of my 2 week holiday.

Best dapat spend time dgn airiel..and next week will be even more special, Aries pon dapat complete family akan dpt bersama..

I am so blissfully happy at the moment... but the end of the year makes me reflect on a lot of things that has happened to me this year..

Some were extremely painful like my episode at work, drama with the relatives, house hexed....while other events were joyous ... like my sis getting married and my acceptance of the nature of Aries' work which led to me being more comfortable with him apart..

It was fated, and must have happened for a reason. Like it or not... I do believe that whatever that has happened, must be a step in the right direction.

I welcome it with open arms..

I was tidying my room and came across some old albums..I saw an old picture of me with Zack, this was during our senior's LLB(Hons) dinner when we were in part 1 I think... as tears fill my eyes..I realised how much I missed my LLB friends..

Thank God for FB, where even though I don't go say hi or actively keep in touch with them all, I look at their status updates, their pics ..where they share their happiness and I can say to myself "they're ok".. "they're happy" and I can be rest assured that they are alive and well. That is enough for me.

I kept much to myself during LLB and LLB(Hons), and realised yesterday that I did not know much of what was happening at the time..(to busy bercinta dgn Aries, perhaps?). Adakah aku kawan yg tak baik sbb tak amik tahu? I wonder

So to all readers, known or silent, friend or foe, remembered or forgotten...I hope you can forgive for whatever I have done, unconsciously or not, intentionally or not. I am but only human..

To a hopefully better year in 2010.

(Zack- you are in my thoughts)


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Welcome to the Club Far and Lan!

Pic courtesy from

Taking this opportunity to congratulate Far and Lan on the birth of their baby boy, Mohd Ryan Daniel (what a sexy name!)

Welcome to the sleepless nights club yea?

Best of luck!

Airiel's newest toy!

This is what we splurged on last week for our little Airiel..kopak woo selepas beli..tgkla background..mcm mcm toys dah dibeli sebenarnye..

But he loves it so much...and thats all that matters!

Sorryla pics cam blur...he moves really fast these days..susah nak tangkap a decent pic.. more toys for a while yer sayang? This one will keep you occupied for quite a while..hehe

Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend happenings

So it was a fun, shopping filled and Aries splurged a bit and bought some toys for little Airiel...

Initially wanted to go to curve on friday, but the jam was so bad we decided to just go to tropicana mall instead. Watched bodyguards and assasins, which I sort of liked, only the bad part was that everybody..and I mean everybody tragic..

We ate at Penang Village, and the food was nice..I'll let the pics do the talking..

The Tom yam was to die for, we chose 'creamy chicken tom yam' and just look at the way it was served.. yummy

Our drinks, ice bandung and Aries' syrup with limau aka sirap limau

Hungry Aries

This was their oyster omelette, we thought it was undercooked and did not like it as much

This was hands down the best dish we ordered..soft shell crab with kerabu mango, yummy

Two style kailan, deep fried and stir fried..yummy as well

After's all said and done..fuhh happy tummies

On Saturday, we did go to the i needed a new pair jeans.. there were too many people and as a result, my OCDness came out..I was super uncomfortable..we ate at Pho Hoa, our favourite restaurant which we often patronize at tropicana but was also in the curve as well. No pics of that.. leave begins today..I'm so happy about that..but on the other end..I got so many errands to run..

Until the next post..tata!!

Trying to catch a wink

Rasa mengantuk masaih belum dtg..

I just put Airiel to sleep..tapi sendiri plak mata terbuka luas..

I want to blog about the weekend tapi mood tak sampai lg..

Esok ajelah..

Will try get back and catch some shut-eye..

Dah tahu dah kat Johor tu Aries mesti sudah lena dibuai mimpi..

I hate not being able to sleep..

Byk teringat benda sedih..tu yg tak best tu..

Must try..

Wish me luck..

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I found some old pics of me and Aries..these were like taken years and years back..

Owh mudanya diri time tu..

Haha, this was taken in OU during one of our dates

This was taken at my USJ house at the time..I do remember how in love we was haha..

This was taken during our LLB dinner..we sang 'twinkle-twinke' little star


Those were the days..

Indeed my Aries..those were the days..

And I love you still..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Forever and for always

The reason this heart of mine beats

Owwh..I am on leave starting from tomorrow until the new year!

I can't wait to spend time with little Airiel, who by the way dah pandai merangkak naik tangga..jantung owhh jantung....jgnlah lompat keluar pula yea?

Time flies..rupanya little Airiel is now almost 9 months old.

[Note to self - stop being so sappy and teary eyed when talking about Airiel]

I do try, but I cry anyway.. I just love him so much..

Susah nak explain..

Mama loves you Airiel!

Clarisse c'est moi?

My bracelet craze has not subsided.

I promised to blog about the 2 new ones that I have purchased.

Hop on over to beetlebeads guys, where they have really taken the bracelet designs to a new level. I was so enamored that I bought two bracelets that really caught my eye. And what's special is that they come out with a bracelets + necklaces series, which have rather lovely names.

Enough with the words, lets see what I bought yea? Pics are all courtesy of beetlebeads.

I was really in love with this clarisse copper leaf bracelet, hence the title of this blog post this time around.

Prices are reasonable as well.

Hop on over there to fall in love guys. Male readers, why not get the wifey or girlfriend a cute bracelet or necklace which are unique and made with love!

I've bought a few more other items online, will blog about them soon!


Sleepless in Subang?

I am so so tired..

My routine biasala..pergi keje awal pagi..balik malam..terus layan airiel sampai dia tido..selalunya kul 11 or 12, takde langsung masa untuk diri sendiri.

Sometimes, amik shower pun kol 12 malam..makan pun time time tu gak

Inilah akibatnya..terlampau penat sampai takleh tido.

And these days Airiel has developed a habit of waking up at 3 a.m. wanting to play with me. Pukul 6 baru tido balik.

I survive purely by the courtesy of an excessive consumption of coffee.

Sigh.. you know, I am fine with being and doing all this by myself, but there are days when I wish, Aries the husband is here to share the burden. Wishful thinking jela buat masa ni.

That is why I abhor dramatic people who complain about the littlest things that their husbands do. HELLO, at least they are around. Berterima kasih skit pada Tuhan dan suami ye? pun intended, it's just me letting of steam.

I suppose only wives yg ada husband jarak jauh je tahu my frustrations ini.

I digress.


I have purchased 2 more lovely bracelets. Will blog about it tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sizzling satchel

This is like my third consecutive post on shopping, tis the season to be 'merry' perhaps? Eheh..

I am loving this Tori Satin Satchel from Babyphat. I mean ..just look at it.. ain't it a keeper?

I heart thee, oooo beautiful bag...

The stuff of my dreams.. I say


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adorned I am!!

I have bought these 2 unique, cute bracelets online.

Aptly named 'swirl'

'Bags and Beads'

These bracelets are the lovely creations of Claire at Lovely Adornment.

Thanks Claire!

I am truly an online shopping addict kan?

But only because they are so many great goodies out there!! eheh

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm charmed..

I've always liked eclectic, unique pieces of jewelry.. lucky for Aries, I do not like gold, I am not a fan of big diamond rings ... I just feel that it is not a necessary accessory or more honestly.. all this jewelry craze should be left to the mak cik's and nenek's (padahal tak sedar diri sendiri dah jadi mak org- eheh) or women in their more senior years..

Anyways..I found this lovely bracelet online

Ohh..what a beautiful..different looking thing..!

And it just so happens that I have an a array of brown baju kurung and tops that this baby would go well with..

I like... and it is reasonably ... so cheap!

The pic is courtesy of the ursecretstore blogshop, which can be found here.

I am in love!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

No more

After advice from a friend, I have removed the reader restrictions on this blog. I shall no longer let negativity affect my life..

to wake up in the morning with regrets
So, love the people who treat you right
Forgive the ones who don't
And believe that everything happens for a reason
If you get a chance, take it
If it changes your life, let it
Nobody said it would be easy
They just promised it would be WORTH IT

And so it shall be..

I have certainly changed..

No more nonsense, unreasonableness, bullying.. on every level and aspect of my life.

I have been a 'people pleaser' at my expense for far too long

I shall tolerate it no more


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baggie Bag

I just bought me this bag online

I bought it from here.

The bag is yet to arrive in M'sia but I am ohh so excited...!

Lurve the different design..

Mcm tak suka sebenarnya beg coach, aigner yang design sungguh 'tak menarik'. Adalah satu dua yg ok..tapi mcm sgt 'boring' .

Now this is my kinda bag...ain't it different?



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last's week dinner

After our return from Baling ..we managed to squeeze in a dinner ... just Aries and me..

We were too tired to go far..and there was this new restaurant "E-San Thai" in Ara Damansara that opened just a couple of months we decided to check it out.

We were really hungry

So we were really happy when our drinks came

Aries' face before the food came

I was pissed because our orders took such a long time

This was their tomyam- it was yummy

Chicken with oyster sauce

Kangkung goreng

The carnage


Service = bad but food = good

Until the next outing yes?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Out and about weekend

These pics were taken from the raya haji weekend and this weekend..It was definitely a very tiring two weeks..


Mum and Akmal

Akmal and yours truly

Me and Aries

My parents, sis and my bro in law

Mum, Akmal and Aries

My sis in law and his newborn son, Jazri Hakimi

I celebrated my raya haji in Kelantan..come rain or shine..banjir or whatever..raya haji mesti paling best di kelantan hehe..Rasa masakan my MIL yang I love so much..sampai kalo terpikir skrang sure terliur.. and sempat join akikah anak my SIL .. so cute tgkla gambo tuh..rupenye proses akikah diorg lain gila dgn org perak punya stail. Interesting gak aa..

And then this weekend..Aries MC ari jumaat sebab demam sampai umah pastu rehat sampai sabtu pagi..awal pagi dah bertolak pergi Baling for my sis punya kenduri belah diorang paling besar kat situ and kenduri grand gila..explains the jaguar my bro in law is driving I guess.. sampai sana panas gila cuaca..Airiel apalagi..mengamuk tak abis.. terpaksa balik awal.. I drove the beamer sampai subang..hehe..and then we sempat have dinner of our dinner will be uploaded in the next post yea?

Rehat malam..and then esoknya Aries dah kena balik johor..sob sob..did not really have 'us' time this weekend..or the weekend before..

This coming weekend perhaps? hope so...

Tata guys..hope your weekend was as fun filled as mine!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lost appetite

Dah masuk 3 hari takde appetite nak makan..

Skip breakfast..lunch pun..I pick at my food..

Dinner makan skit kat umah..takut parents risau plak..tapi mmg sebenarnya kalo tak makan pon tak kisah..

Ntah nape ntah..

Too much coffee perhaps?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Will bite when provoked

That is my description on Facebook.

It does describe 'me'.

When I joined the firm I was in now, I was a few months pregnant and was very bitter after leaving SANCO JB, where I had a very bad experience.

I joined a very elite team in this firm because I was recommended by a friend who was already a partner there. We were friends. I had all the respect in the world for him. He was and still is the most brilliant practitioner I have ever met.

And things were almost perfect. I was doing the work of my dreams, really interesting stuff that I would not have the chance of doing otherwise. Call me a workaholic..but right until the very end of my pregnancy, I was staying back late in the office, burning the midnight oil.

I was working for my friend and another lawyer who had separate portfolios but was nevertheless under the same elite team. My friend was notoriously difficult to work with, but I held on.

And then I gave birth. After my maternity I came back and was ready to work..but my priorities were changed for good...I no longer had the luxury of staying back late anymore, as I have a son waiting at home for me.

But this friend of mine could not accept the fact that there were other priorities in my life and began to take it as a sign that my passion for the law has waned, that the fire I used to have burning for this profession is dimming and that I was no longer willing to sacrifice to be a great practitioner.

I am not sure what his idea of sacrifice is? Staying back late? Does it matter if I get my work done?

And then the 'abuse' started. Shall I call it abuse? I draft an e-mail and he would berate me by saying the e-mail was wrong. When the amended e-mail came back, only one sentence was added to the initial draft. Is that reasonable?

He would ask me to send out a follow up e-mail, only to later state that the e-mail is bad and he has contacted the clients himself to get whatever he wanted done (without telling me he wanted it done in the first place). But his instructions were that...'Send a follow up e-mail' .

He would give me instructions and later state that he never gave them. Everything that goes wrong in the matter I assist him in, he blames me for it..even if it is due to external factors, like I can't give an affidavit to a client because the client is not in the office and is on leave and no one there can accept the service. I get berated even for that.

No letter I draft is right, even when it is right. When the grammar is right, he'll go and say 'oh well, the grammar might be right but I want it to be in an active sentence and not passive' and accuse me of not knowing my English.

It is as if he has made up his mind that I no longer interested because of my other priorities and would point out to every single possible mistake that I could have done as proof of his belief.

At first, I was wrought with depression. I thought that if he says I am incompetent..than I must must have been me. It must be all my fault. But after analysing the matter, I find myself asking..if my work is so bad..why are there no similar 'issues' and 'problems' when I work for the other boss. Sigh.. I digress

I have been putting up with it for the past 3 months...until yesterday when I really lost my patience. So I told my other boss that if this goes on, I shall leave. At that point of time I was so ready to.

And today...the head of the team has asked me not to leave. My files that I am assisting him on shall be returned to him and I shall work exclusively with my other boss and the head of the team.

I am worth something.. I am capable.

But the friendship I had with him is now lost..and the bridge has been permanently and irretrievably burned. Honestly, I valued the friendship I had more. Had I known it would turn out this way. I would have not joined this firm. I would have worked elsewhere and keep this friendship.

I suppose I thought I knew who he was, only to realise that I don't at all. It does break my heart. It does.

I have learned four things from this:-

1. You cannot work with and/or for your friend. It will inevitably ruin the friendship;

2. Do not for a second think you know a person well enough. Chances are you know nothing at all;

3. I shall never be a boss (if I ever get to be one) who victimizes the people who work for me; and

4. If you keep telling someone over and over again they are useless, incompetent or whatnot, chances are they will start to believe it. It works to the contrary as well. In the end, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I am glad I never let it come to that for me.

I never shared this with anybody. Aries only knew about this recently whilst the abuse has been going on for almost 3 months.

But its time to clean out my closet. I need to cut out all the negative influence in my life. And this post will help me do that.

And so I shall let this matter rest.

Has it been 2 years already?

It has been 2 years on 30.11.2009 that me and Aries have been married.

Wow..time flies..

Life is so much more meaningful with Aries and lil Airiel in my life. Things are not easy as Aries is just so far away there in JB..but rather than be grumbling about things I cannot change, I shall instead be grateful that we are what we are..and only we know what trials and tribulations we have been through..

As busy parents who can only spend time together during was sort of hard to squeeze the time to spend some 'us' time. Most of the available time we have when Airiel is asleep, we'd rather be asleep ourselves than go out anywhere hehe..

But during the weekend, we took some time out and went for dinner at San Francisco steakhouse in Tropicana City Mall, our favourite haunt for the moment.

The pics show how tired I look ..well..enjoy

Aries' steak

His and my drink

Digging In

Tired looking me

Aries looking as lovely as the first day I met him..

We did see New Moon and i liked the movie but did not really love it...It was so-so..One thing though..the chemistry between Bella and Edward seems authentic..translating to real life perhaps? Hehe

To Aries..

Thank you..for truly do not know how much you mean to are my only hope..then, now and many more years of love between us I pray..

Yours Truly,