Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Simple question ...Tricky answer

Someone asked me "nape asyik pakai tudung bawal je..nape tak pakai tudung stail baru skrang, macam I ni ha?"

I wanted to answer but kept quiet and just smiled.. Truth is, I was afraid that my answer would offend her..and perhaps 90% of my friends who wear these new fashionable hijabs.

I admit they are pretty.

I admit they look ultra fashionable.

But I also have to admit that I do not think that they truly 'menutup aurat' for me. There... I said it. Ish tolongla jangan marah saya kawan kawan... just my personal opinion ok.

Sebenarnya, tudung bawal pun kalau lipat salah, nampak dada dan segala bonjolan..pun tak menutup aurat jugak.

If you notice me, I never wear my tudung bawal in any fashion, just straight kedepan tanpa lipatan atau pusing sana sini.. there is a reason for that. Tak mahu nampak bentuk boobies..

Ish.. tapi ntahla.. appropriate ke post kali ni. Tapi itulah jawapan nye. Sebab kebanyakan tudung gitu macam pendek and tak cover chest area. Tulah..

Ish..napela ada org tanya soalan camni .. kan dah kena tulis dlm blog? Ampun ye kenkawan, iza tak kisah sebenarnya, cuma tak suka org paksa paksa me pakai tudung yg kita tak mahu pakai atas alasan fesyen.

I have my own views on this issue. But I wont impose it on others..just on myself.


Mcm merapu lak..


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I found you!!!

After a long search..

Mua has found her next bag purchase.


My Mia

I love the rather 'coarse' texture of the bag, the lilac colour... luv luv luv!!!!

I shall wait for you next month to arrive my darl!!!

Thanks to my Aries sbb sponsor beli bag ni..wifey loves you!!! Moga Allah murahkan rezeki awak supaya boleh belikan more bags!! Amin

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun fun and then some..

It was a fun fun weekend !!

Me, Aries and Airiel went for a weekie at Genting and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves..

It was raining outside so we just opted for the indoor themepark. It was just for Airiel anyway..we were not going on any rides ourselves..maybe someday ehhh Aries?

We left early on Sunday sebab ingat nak shopping cari baju round collar for Aries tp kedai tutup next week je la kan..

Anyways..rasa laparla stop by Las Carretas for tak byk,sbb rest of this pics in Aries punya phone.. mana yg aderjela ok?

 Free Nachos

Aries and his 'scandalous' drink

I will upload the pics for my main course by end of next week. Ohhh, am still thinking on the bag I want to order...

Will upload the pic of the bag when I decide.

Meanwhile, Aries' rezeki bertambah tambah di sana. And the questions are beginning to pop up on a weekly basis.. "Tak nak pindah JB ke?'

Aduhh...I am torn. I hate that place (no offense to Johoreans, this is just my personal view). I absolutely abhor it.

The many Singaporeans who act like they own the place, strutting around with their fake LV bags (hello, I did raids when I was in SD and can spot a fake LV bag a mile away ok?). 

Ish... tak mahu, tak suka...

But at the rate things are going, is Aries ever coming back? I do not know.

Sigh..decisions, decisions..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yes.. Fana

That is the word that comes to mind when I think about life, love, position, money, fame

The list goes on..

Getting sentimental in my old age...

While I was looking for a client's e-mail...I came across this

I keep this picture on my desk at work as a reminder to myself that nothing lasts forever... and I need to appreciate all the people around me.. that every second counts..

Aries has a message in his FB where Zack asked whether he wanted to meet up in JB. Aries did not respond, yerla time tu dia jarang masuk FB ni.. I know he regrets that... but its too little too late to change that...


Monday, October 18, 2010


Me and Aries have a new obsession currently.


What does that mean?

Vacations on a weekend.

We do not have time for long holidays except maybe in December of every year. This year maybe tak dapat ke mana sgt sebab Nenda and Atok Airiel nak pergi umrah so there goes. Anyways, and because of that we always put off vacations. After putting off too many plans, we decided that what the heck, lets go take Airiel and spend time and have fun, even on a weekend, which means 2D/1N kind of thing.

Better that than nothing right?

So that was why we went to the Legend Water Chalet in PD haritu (piccies are in my FB).

This weekend insyaAllah pergi Genting plak.

So at the moment, I am surveying other places where we can go for a 2D/1N vacay sort of thing.

Places that are on my list at the moment:-

1. Port Dickson (maybe avillion plak next time);

2. Genting (going this weekend)

3. Colmar Tropicale at Bukit Tinggi;

4. Cameron Highlands (any suggestions on the places guys?);

5. ???? Any more suggestions guys?

The trick is the places must not be so far away so as to take up too much travelling time because we just want to go an vacay for one night je kan?

Suggestions are welcome!!

Hehe. Can also PM me. Most of you all do PM me instead of leaving comments here..hehe

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Idza's top 6 RPG Game Countdown

I have a secret..(not so secretlah)

I am an avid PC RPG Gamer. Sadly however, these days I do not get to play games that much as it has been overshadowed by my other passions i.e. my job (yes, I am passionate about it), my son, my family and Aries.

But my love for it has not faded. It lingers inside. I am sure that when all my kids have grown up and I am entering retirement, I'll be holed up in my room, saving a kingdom from evil..hehe

So anyways. Here is my top 6 most fave RPG games ever!!!

6 - Final Fantasy VII

I was so obsessed with this game. I think it took me about 6 months to complete. After that I played it 2 more times. The characters each have their own developed storyline and quests in finding themselves. Tifa, Cloud,Aeris, Menina..ahhhh the memories..

The graphics were like so grand at the time it came out. But I tell you when Advent Children came around (pic as below), it was just awesomeness. This is my fave character by the way..

He is so hot for an undead guy!!!!

5 - Final Fantasy VIII 

My No. 5 on the list. With an engaging love triangle - love comes slowly sort of storyline. The characters touches your heart. The woman in the pic is Rinoa by the way.

4 - Final Fantasy VI

The game is absolutely a classic. It has I think one of the longest storylines in Final Fantasy history and like a ton of characters. Terra, Celes, Locke, the espers.. wow...i get excited remembering how great it was. Graphics was 2D but the story engages you to the core. I would play it all over again if I had the time.

3 - Final Fantasy IV

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this game. Being an early installment of the Final Fantasy series, the graphics are not much to look at. But this was one game that moved me to tears time and time again while playing. Love, hatred and sacrifice was the underlying theme of the game and the cut scenes was touching and at time even heart wrenching to watch. It definitely is, in my opinion the best Final Fantasy game of the whole series.

These are my favourite characters, the twins Palom and Porom. They turned themselves to stone later in the game to save the main hero in the game. Needless to say I cried buckets.

2. Baldur's Gate - Shadows of Amn

The endless side-quests, mystery, the fact that romance can be forged between characters throughout the storyline, the endless banter between the characters, the fact that the game can be tweaked or mods can be installed are just some of the reasons why I love this game. Every time I played and re-played the game, there is always something new. The possibilites of the storyline was just endless. It was pure addiction.

1. Arcanum 

This is by far, the best RPG game that I have ever played. I played and re-played the game about 10 times and have always found something new. Just like Baldur's Gate, there are extensive modders out there who mods the game to add new quests and items to the game. The mysterious storyline, character and the fact that the realism of the game just takes you in.

Thinking about theses games makes me salivate, literally. Damn, need to find these games. I bet they are collector's items now and are almost impossible to find.

Try them out gamers! You will not be disappointed ..!!!

P.S - All the pictures are credited to their owners.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

That Fatal Accident

I cringed when I saw the photos of the scene.

Bodies everywhere, blood everywhere.

Husbands, Wives, Mothers, Husbands, Children are lost. Every person out there is someone's family member, someone's loved one.

That just breaks my heart.

I remember the accident that my family went through back in 1992 which incapacitated my sister. She suffered extensive brain damage and has been 'special' ever since. It took me along time to accept that she was no longer a normal person, and it took me even longer to accept that the company who so irresponsibly crashed into us paid us money, and it was reflected in the court's record that 'payment of settlement given with no admission as to liability'. What does that mean? You destroy a life of an 8 year old, pay us a million pounds and then say you are not responsible?. I decided from then on that I wanted to be a legal practitioner so I could ensure that I would be able to take care of her legal affairs and protect her.

I know for some victims, the injuries were to the head. The inference of brain injury just comes to my mind. What about compensation to them?. As unfortunate as my sister was, she was lucky to have the accident in UK where the Court does consider payment of future earnings to the victim. Our country does not provide for this. What are the victims left with? A lump sum payment for injuries of RM30k for a foot lost? an arm lost? I struggle to understand the justice.  I still do.

I know for a fact, that the family will have a tough time adjusting to caring for a handicap. The handicap will have an even tougher time accepting that they are no longer the normal person they were. For my sister, her permanent brain damage has left her thinking that she is 6 years old (her age was 7 at the time of the accident) which she still does to this day.

My family after almost 19 years to the day the accident occurs still struggle with ourselves everytime we talk about the details of what happened. My tears still flow freely as I remember how vibrant and beautiful my sister was. 19 years down the line, I can still remember the accident vividly as if it only happened yesterday. It is an inner struggle which have left me permanently scarred. Ask me what she wore on the day and I will be able to tell you that she was wearing a green jumper with pictures of white sheep on it, she had on leggings and a red skirt. And she was reading a pop up book just before the lorry crashed into us.

Yes, I remember all that.

My older sister remembers nothing about our stay in England at all. She says she has no memory of it whatsoever. I think she does not want to remember, or that her poor mind cannot deal with the horror of it and so she completely blocks it out.

Everybody deals with tragedy in their own way.

I feel for the families of those who have died in the senseless tragedy. But for the ones who are alive but suffering with injuries, the head especially, a  tough journey to recover lies ahead. I wish them luck but know that it will take more than luck to persevere.

For me, my sister will be forever 6, never to age. I will love her and continue to protect her till the day I die.

P.S - I should be screaming and shouting to the authorities to do something to control the speed at which these buses should be driving, but I know it would be a waste of time so I am not going to bother.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Almost back to normal


Yesterday Airiel has started sleeping with me again since my feet is getting better after Atok jampi sini sana hehe..

My mood immediately improved, I realised. I have been sleeping seperately from Airiel for quite sometime and then nenda perli and says I must be happy sebab dapat tidur lena.

A misconception indeed. I mean I thought that it would be the case. But when you wake up, there is a sense of emptiness sebab I know Airiel is supposed to be with me. There is that empty side to the bed that I never encroach onto, even in my sleep because my subconscious knows that thats where Airiel is supposed to be.

He was a part of me during those 9 months when I was pregnant, but now even more than ever, Airiel is a source of strength for me. Whenever I curse my clients for making my life so darn difficult, I remember him and look at his picture and the anger just melts away.

Whenever me and Aries fight or Aries does something which I think I could never forgive him for, I look at Airiel and I realise that as much as I feel like killing Aries, he is half of what Airiel is and if it was not for our love, Airiel would have never been brought into the world. And so I forgive Aries.

They say 'anak itu pengikat kasih' and they are right. I tolerate so many things that I would not have in normal circumstances because of little Airiel.

I know that at the end of the day, when I come home and see him running towards me (he does you know..its so sweet!!!) and I hug him and he kisses my cheek (which he does everyday when I come home), things are not so bad, because he is in my life.

Allah bless you my little Airiel for blessing my life so.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Truth

You know what they say about how the truth hurts?

They are absolutely right...

It does.

I need to go cry this one off.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adakah anda sanggup berkorban sebegini demi cinta?

Dilihat dari usia beliau sudah tidak muda lagi, usia yang sudah senja bahkan sudah mendekati malam. Masa Pak Suyatno, 58 tahun ke sehariannya diisi dengan merawat isterinya yang sakit. isterinya juga sudah tua. Mereka berkahwin sudah lebih 32 tahun.

Mereka dikurniakan 4 orang anak .......di sinilah awal cubaan menerpa, setelah isterinya melahirkan anak ke empat .........tiba-tiba kakinya lumpuh dan tidak boleh digerakkan. Hal itu terjadi selama dua tahun.

Menginjak tahun ke tiga seluruh tubuhnya menjadi lemah bahkan terasa tidak bertulang lidahnyapun sudah tidak mampu digerakkan lagi.

Setiap hari Pak Suyatno memandikan, membersihkan kotoran, menyuapkan, dan mengangkat isterinya ke atas tempat tidur. Sebelum berangkat ke tempat kerja dia meletakkan isterinya di hadapan TV supaya isterinya tidak berasa kesunyian.

Walau isterinya tidak dapat bercakap, tapi dia selalu melihat isterinya tersenyum, dan Pak Suyatno masih berasa beruntung kerana tempat kerjanya tidak begitu jauh dari rumahnya, sehingga siang hari dia boleh pulang ke rumah untuk menyuapi isterinya makan. Petangnya dia pulang memandikan isterinya, mengganti pakaian, dan selepas maghrib dia temankan isterinya menonton tv sambil bercerita apa sahaja yang dia alami seharian.

Walaupun isterinya hanya mampu memandang (tidak mampu memberikan respons ), Pak Suyatno sudah cukup senang bahkan dia selalu menggoda dan bergurau dengan isterinya setiap kali menjelang tidur.

Rutin ini dilakukan Pak Suyatno lebih kurang 25 tahun. Dengan sabar dia merawat isterinya bahkan sambil membesarkan ke empat buah hati mereka, sekarang anak-anak mereka sudah dewasa tinggal si bungsu yang masih kuliah.

Pada suatu hari ke empat anak Suyatno berkumpul di rumah orang tua mereka sambil menjenguk ibunya. Kerana setelah menikah mereka tinggal dengan keluarga masing-masing.

Dan Pak Suyatno tetap merawat ibu kepada anak-anaknya, dan yang dia inginkan hanya satu: semua anaknya berjaya.

Dengan kalimat yang cukup hati-hati anak yang sulung berkata : "Pak kami ingin sekali merawat ibu ... Semenjak kami kecil kami melihat bapak merawat ibu dan tidak ada sedikit pun keluhan keluar dari bibir bapak, bahkan bapak tidak izinkan kami menjaga ibu."

Dengan air mata berlinang anak itu melanjutkan kata-katanya .........

"Sudah yang kali keempat kami mengizinkan bapak menikah lagi, kami rasa ibupun akan mengizinkannya. Bila papak akan menikmati masa tua bapak dengan berkorban seperti ini .....kami sudah tidak sampai hati melihat bapak begini... kami berjanji akan merawat ibu dengan sebaik-baiknya secara bergantian," ujar anaknya yang sulung merayu.

Pak Suyatno menjawab hal yang sama sekali tidak didugaoleh anak-anaknya.

"Anak-anakku. .... jikalau hidup di dunia ini hanya untuk nafsu.... mungkin bapak akan berkahwin lagi.... tapi ketahuilah dengan adanya ibu kalian di sampingku... . itu sudah lebih dari cukup. Dia telah melahirkan kalian..."Sejenak kerongkongannya tersekat..."Kalian yang selalu kurindukan hadir di dunia ini dengan penuh cintayang tidak dapat dinilai dengan apapun.Cuba kalian tanya ibumu apakah dia menginginkan keadaannya seperti Ini ?

Kalian menginginkan bapak bahagia .... Apakah batin bapak dapat bahagia meninggalkan ibumu dalam keadaannya seperti sekarang ?

Kalian menginginkan bapak yang masih diberi Allah kesihatan yang baik dirawat oleh orang lain .......bagaimana dengan ibumu yg masih sakit ?

Sejenak meledaklah tangis anak-anak pak Suyatno...Merekapun melihat butiran-butiran kecil jatuh di pelupuk mata ibunya... Dengan pilu ditatapnya mata suami yang sangat dicintainya itu...

Sampailah akhirnya Pak Suyatno diundang oleh salah satu stesen TV swasta untuk menjadi panel jemputan acara Bimbingan Rohani Selepas subuh dan juru acara pun mengajukan pertanyaan kepada pak suyatno...

Kenapa bapak mampu bertahan selama 25 tahun merawat Isteri yang sudah tidak mampu berbuat apa-apa?

Ketika itu pak Suyatno pun menangis....tamu yang hadir di studio yang kebanyakan kaum ibu pun tidak mampu menahan haru...

Disitulah Pak Suyatno bercerita...Jika manusia didunia ini mengagungkan sebuah cinta tapi dia tidak mencintai kerana Allah maka semuanya akan luntur...

Saya memilih isteri saya menjadi pendamping hidup saya .......Sewaktu dia sihat diapun dengan sabar merawat saya... Mencintai saya dengan sepenuh hati zahir dan batinnya bukan dengan mata kepala semata-mata. .. dan dia memberi saya 4 orang anak yang lucu dan baik-baik...

Sekarang dia sakit berkorban untuk saya kerana Allah... Dan itu merupakan ujian bagi saya.

Sihat pun belum tentu saya mencari penggantinya. .. apalagi dia sakit ... Setiap malam saya bersujud dan menangis dan saya mengadu kepada Allah di atas sajadah supaya meringankan penderitaan isteri saya.

Dan saya yakin hanya kepada Allah tempat saya mengadukan rahsia dan segala kesukaran saya...kerana DIA maha Mendengar... .

Adakah anda sanggup berkorban sebegini demi cinta?

Got this from FB - Thought I would share it with you guys. If the man in this story is real, may God bless him. Now this is a 'man'.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happiness is health

"Hargailah sihat sebelum tibanya sakit"

I know the meaning of those words so wisely said by our prophet Muhammad.

I am so happy and relieved that during the medical checkup with Airiel's paed this morning. He was given a clean bill of health. Lungs are clear. No more pneumonia. Hilang satu kerisauan. I can only pray that Airiel will not suffer anymore of these episodes.

I appreciate the health Airiel has much more, after seeing him so sick. 

I now have to face a health mishap of my own i.e. my fractured toes and sprained ankle.

From wearing my 4 inch heels which I so love and have not skipped a day in wearing for the last 10 years of my life, I have to wear slippers which I abhor. Benci sungguh.

From running around getting things done, I can now only limp around. Sigh, and so I realise that it is really great to be able to walk normally. And of course things get done so much slower with my current condition.

The worst part? I cannot take care of Airiel for fear of aggravating my injury. I cannot chase him around like I am always used to doing. This, more than anything else, saddens me greatly.

I appreciate the fact that I could walk normally much more, after realising how hard it is to limp around like this. Simple things like parking far away becomes a real issue because walking is a pain. I appreciate why the handicap deserves a parking right next to the door even more than I used to (my sister is a handicap as well).

Thank you Allah for teaching me humility and teaching me to be thankful. 

Sujudku hanya padaMu.

Bag Crazy...

This is the current listing of the bags that have caught my eye..

I am in the slow process of buying them all..

That is why I am not going to disclose where these bags are sold...cause I am hoping they will still be available when I actually get on to buying them (keji tak? hehe, jangan marah)

The next week is going to be crazy. My partner in crime has gone off for a holiday as so has the boss. Mua is holding the fort until Thursday at least!!

Shall blog more on online shopping escapades later this weekend. It is time to sleep !!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm down but not Out

Yesterday was the day..

I was rushing for the litigation diary meeting one floor down from my room ... missed a step ... and fell down.

What are the odds of my fall being in full sight if the managing partner mind you?

Aduss..dahla Waterman fave pen was broken.

I also had hairline fractures to 2 of my toes..

And a sprained ankle. Yesterday I did not feel so I was walking around mcm biasa la kan..sekali when I woke up this morning..woww...sakit GILA.

Sakit ok.. yikes..

What are the odds of these things happening during the busiest time of the year?

I hope the sprain heals a busy week ahead.