Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kembali Terjalin


Is it really possible?

Or am I just referring to the song we used to hear and love ..and understand..

We should be listening to those sounds again..setuju?

Click here then..

Lest we forget the mountains we climbed so that your hand can hold mine, and mine hold yours.

I should not have let a mistake..mine or yours or ours destroy what took so long to build..took so much sweat and tears and blood to forge...

Understand I am only human..and perhaps maybe then I'll understand that you are human as well..biarpun syurgaku di bawah redhamu..you are still human..

Perhaps not talking is for the best.. in my mind it can only do 2 things..either make me/you/us realise that we cannot go through a day without hearing each other's voice..or that..we actually can..

What if it is the latter? What next..?

I honestly don't know..do you? do you have a plan?

Hope you do..

I told you once that 'you are my only hope'

You still are..

Take care..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lagu Baru

I am so in love with this song..

Pretty apt perhaps?

Tajuk : Entah
Singer : Afghan

Ku tahu kau selingkuh
Kau duakan cintaku yang tulus
Kau tahu diriku
Tak pernah berpaling dari dirimu
Teganya kau dustai semua
Janji kita berdua

Entah masihkah ada cinta dihatiku untukmu
Entah kapankah ku dapat membuka hati untukmu

Tak pernah ku bayangkan
Cerita kita berakhir begini
Teganya kau dustai semua
Janji kita berdua

Entah masihkah ada cinta di hatiku untukmu
Entah kapankah ku dapat membuka hati untukmu

Masihkah ada cinta di hati
Di hati kecilku kau masih bahagian dari hidupku

Entah masihkah ada cinta dihatiku untukmu
Entah kapankah ku dapat membuka hatiku untukmu...


Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend updates

Last week was Airiel's akikah..he was so well behaved. Dia tido je. And dan pandai posing..siap senyum bila photographer agah dia..photos siap dlm 2 minggu lagi..will post it up bila dah siap..

The week before, me and Aries had a free photoshoot at KLCC in conjunction with the launching of Giorgio Armani's new fragrance, Armani Extreme..pics are down below..

Not the best time of year for me..too many upsetting incidents berlaku..I don't want to overtly elaborate mcm setengah-setengah fellow bloggers yg lain..I just think its too much to put stuff in you blog like that sometimes..we cannot think kita ni betul aje all the time..sometimes kita tak fikir perkara buruk yg terjadi kat kita tu, maybe kita play a part jugak..ntah..sigh
Keje plak berlambak lambak..klien mengada-ngada

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tough times ahead

So many people have been calling me up, smsing me, e-mailing me, messaging me on FB and Friendster about my recent posts and my status update on FB.

I am going to say it out to settle this issue once and for all.

Me and Aries are going through some tough times at this very moment

Takde siapa yang bersalah dalam hal ini, not me and not him..

We are far apart and trying to manage as hard as we can but problems do crop up..

That is all I am going to say about this..

Pray for us and thank you for reading


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rain on Me

This song is currently playing in my head..LOL



I'm looking at the mirror at this woman who's down and out
She's internally dying and knew this was not what love's about
I don't want to be this woman the second time around
Because I'm waking up screaming, no longer believing that I'm gonna be alright

I don't want to hug my pillows late at night no more
I'm tossing and turning and thinking of burning down these walls
I don't want to fuel this fire no more
I've made up my mind
I'm wasting my time
There's nothing here to keep me warm

I'm so tired of the rain in my life
I'm so tired of the strain
And I'm not gonna lie
Sometimes I can't sleep at night
This just doesn't seem right
Sometimes I wonder why
I almost let my life go by..

Rain on me
Won't you just take this pain from me
I don't want to live
I don't want to breathe

Sigh..what's next..

Monday, June 15, 2009



Sejuta kata maaf terasakan percuma..

What else is there to say?

What difference does it make really?

The damage is done..

I am so tired of being here..

Just let me go..let me go..

I deserve to be happy... don't you think?

I am nobody's fool, not yours..not yours

Biarlah sampai di sini saja...

Tak mahu dibayangi resah sejuta..

Cukuplah sampai di sini saja..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Selamat pengantin baru HUDA!!

This post is overdue tapi since its a major event in my book, nak jugak cakap..
Huda is in every sense of the word, a friend.

We met in Asasi Sains, when I was going through some really tough times. She was there for me, when all the others have given up on me ever getting through the darkness I was in.

You know, we have friends whom after we haven't seen for a while, we meet and realise we have absolutely nothing left to talk about..but I can NOT meet Huda for months and months and then meet her up and its as if we have never been apart..

She stands beside me in the darkness and chooses to walk behind me when I'm in the light. She knows my dark deepest silly secrets..she dropped everything and was there throughou my whole wedding, kalah saudara mara punya tahap komitmen..

It feels weird to see MY huda holding a guy's hand. I keep thinking, is he good enough for her? will he make her happy? Oh sebak betul..

Selamat pengantin baru HUDA,

Kaulah sahabat yang tiada gantinya for me.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A step in the right direction

Awak belikan saya perfume yg sgt wangi! (erkks n mahal plak tu) ..and saya tak payah mintak pun..!

Itulah ertinya romantik tau? Buatla lagi dan lagi..barulah sejuk hati saya ni..

Saya dah padam post yang itu sebab saya rasa 'it's a good deal' for me..heheh..

Awak tahu kan..its actually a slow slow process...so awak kena sabarla dan berusaha memujuk saya dengan penuh romantik..


Lets wait n see ehhh?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


There shall not be any updates on this blog until further notice..I've lost my interest in writing..