Monday, May 31, 2010

Mood terbalik

Why is my post entitled as such? Not sure really..but that is how I feel right now..literally..that's the only way I can describe it.. Anyways..I have not updated on any activity for the past 2 weeks..

So here goes, the week before Wesak..eating Pho Hoa and Las Carretas:-

Las Carretas

Aries' ribs

the free snack we got while waiting for our food

my lamb chops

Pho Hoa

Both of us wanted to try something new so we ordered the rice sets. My advice..stick to the noodles..I was not a fan..the flavour of the chicken just did not match the rice

We both liked the sugar cane prawn

the condiments

the soup was the saviour, it was rich with flavour and saved the day..

Wesak weekend

The night before Wesak we were to take a flight to Kelantan, I was tired because I was rushing work and only managed to leave the office at around 4 DESPITE being on half day leave.

Hubs reached home around 6 from JB.  We went to Subang coz we were taking the firefly flight. When we wanted to check in, Airiel mengamuk and to make matters worse, Airiel's name was not in the system. NGOK. We had to wait for the firefly people to rectify the situation and were the last ones to check in despite being in line so much earlier...

Airiel hates flying and was fussing around the whole of the 1-hour flight, I hate flying and had a tremendous headache.

Kelantan was HOT, rasa macam panas gila.. so Airiel spent most of the day in a bathtub, playing with water because he was so grumpy most of the time as it was so hot. Will upload pic of Airiel doing his thing later.

My SIL had to be admitted for an emergency c-sect a month earlier than her due date. Uri ke bawah and she was bleeding so bad. Alhamdullilah dia selamat. Sigh, it reminds me of my emergency c-sect. Owhh and just like me, my SIL's hubs was also not present by her side. familiar does that sound? Moving on...sigh

I am honestly..not in the best of moods today..

I was upset that I could not visit habsah with my high school matiey, Masniey. 

I was upset because seeing my SIL undergo an experience so similar to mine reminds me of what I went through and how I felt at the time.

And I was upset for another reason, which I shall not disclose here...Sigh

Hope the rest of the week will fare better.

Monday, May 24, 2010

And another one bites the dust


One of my maids have run away..

It is so disappointing  because we are so nice to all of our maids..

And she had the cheek to ask me whether she could have some of my perfumes 2 days ago? I mean..seriously??

I miss those days when I had my first 2 maids after Ayah had a heart attack..tak byk bunyi, rajin bekerja and bukan jenis meminta-minta.

What has happened?

You know, my conscience is clear. We are not of those employers who ask their maids to scrub the interior of their cars with a toothbrush (my neighbour does that, but still the maid does not run away...Sigh). We do not chastise her, beat her, disrespectful of such nonsense from us.

Dear maid who has run away... If you think the grass is greener out'll soon find out you're wrong.

You are one ungrateful human being.

Biarlah Tuhan saja membalasnya.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Ketibaan buah hati baru

Wahai buah hatiku..

Tiba juga dikau akhirnya..

Lama sungguh ku menunggu

I lap you forever.. (or until the next bag..)

Bag and pic from Sapphire.Ministore

Airiel's sleeping habit

Sekarang ni susah betul nak tidurkan Airiel.

He is so active and will not stay still.

Sometimes kalau dia mengantuk pun dia still tahan tak mahu tido, nak main-main lagi.

I have to like physically lie him down, put one arm across him paksa dia jgn nak bergerak sini sana and then baru dia akan tertidur.

Aduhai, the whole process takes like 45 minutes to an hour tau.

It's so exhausting.

Any tips to get my son to sleep a lot easier..?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Excessive shopping habit

Ok ..ok .. so I need to stop shopping

After this tak mahu shopping byk sgt dalam sebulan..

But I just had to buy this when I saw it!!!

I love it..!!

Clothes and pics are of and from Ladies Fashion

Alamak..rasa mcm nak uplod pic bag jee..tapi tak mahu melampau buat masa ini..


Post about Airiel coming up..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Berteman Sepi

Penaku menari mencoretkan
Sebuah puisi kelukaan
Gurindam jiwa cinta dan airmata
Di kamar hati ini
Masih ada sembunyi
Kenangan yang tak mampu kulemparkan jauh

Penaku menari melakarkan
Gambar kesayuan masa silam
Tinta bersulam biru warna kerinduan
Berkaca jernih ingatanku
Biarpun dikau telah jauh dari pandanganku

Manisnya pertemuan
Pahitnya perpisahan
Segala kini tidak dapat untuk kubahasakan
Semua kini kaku
Tiada lagi merdu
Setiap madah baris kata bukan lagi buatmu
Kini berteman sepi
Kini aku sendiri
Suka dan duka dalam meniti gelombang kembara panjang
Jauh melangkah pergi
Tidak menoleh lagi
Kenangan silamku tinggal tertulis kini
Dalam sebuah puisi

Penaku menari membariskan
Puisi sebuah pengalaman
Gurindam jiwa cinta dan airmata
Di kamar sepi ini
Titisan membasahi
Dan aku tidak tahu pada siapakah
Untukku luah rasa

This song was sung by Erra Fazira.

Not bad for a classic ehhh?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bought me a bag!!!

Actually..the title is misleading...

Errr..I bought 3 actually..(mata Aries akan terbeliak right about NOW...)

But nevermind about the remaining 2..I fell in love with this bag the moment I saw it

I heart you..ohhh beautiful bag!!!!

It was on sale...can you believe it?

So I got it...!!!

I lurve the bags on this website - I want bags

The blog is having sales 'name your price' !!! apalagi kan hehe...head on over!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

That one moment

Its almost 2 am and I cannot sleep.

I am taken back to when I was 5 months pregnant. My 1st wedding anniversary was drawing near..
My father was in the hospital..

That was when I found out..

That 'betrayal'

The moment has passed years ago and my forgiveness have been sought and yes, I have given it.

But I cannot get that moment out of my head.

It has haunted me since, every day without fail.

I struggle with it every day.

No one can help me in this I know.. I need to move on and pick up these pieces.

I hope all partners out there, either in a relationship, engagement, marriage...take heed. If you have made a commitment, stick to it.

Do not put yourself in a situation, how harmless you think it is that might jeopardize that commitment. You will get found out sooner or later, and you will regret it for the rest of your life.

As for partner who was betrayed, the pain that they go through will be beyond comprehension..and even if they forgive you, the relationship you have will never be the same, for you have tainted it with your lies.

They say, time heals everything..but I'm still waiting..

Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm sorry but I had to say something when I saw this.... ISN'T THIS JUST THE UGLIEST BAG YOU'VE EVER SEEN?

Crazy week

Sorry for neglecting the blog this week

I had a very good excuse.

First of all, a trial was concluded in Shah Alam last Monday. That was ok lah kan...The Judge wanted my closing submissions by FRIDAY. 4 days only! That would have been fine except I had 2 other submissions to draft as well not to mention the fact that Z*RP was moving from Menara PanGlobal to Solaris Montkiara on FRIDAY as well..

Crazy..mad rush it was..

Thank God it was all done today.

So lega. The move went swiftly. My stuff is all unpacked, ready for work on Monday.

Submission drafted, filed and was successfully served.

The 2 other submissions were drafted and have been sent off for client's approval.

But to get that all done, I did not sleep for 2 DAYS straight...and Airiel had to sleep with the maids for 2 days.

I am glad it is all over. The mad rush is over...I need to rest and spend some time with Airiel.

I need to sleep.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maxi Crazeeee

I have ordered some more maxis...!!

Gulp (Aries mesti baca sambil terbeliak)

Well, I liked the maxis aritu so much I decided to buy some more...gantikan semua baju kelawar itu..

Anyways.. pics below

They are from La Robe

Shopping spree for Airiel

I've bought these online for my Airiel..

Irresistable they were.. hehe.

The ones above were bought from Qiszreina Boutique.

These cuties were bought from Little Clothes Boutique.

Cannot wait to see these clothes on my little on when they arrive!!!


Monday, May 3, 2010

2 weekends in a nutshell

Hello everyone!

Have not updated the blog substantially (save for a few wacky posts) these 2 weeks.


I am wacked out.., trials, submissions and what not.. thats why.

Lets start with 2 weeks back, me and Aries went to KLCC jalan-jalan.

We ate at Du Viet of something..can't remember the exact name..anyays..we ordered some pho..

This was mine and it was fair

Aries says it was just ok..

The Menu

The condiments
Last week

Aries came back on Saturday...the family gave the maids a day I got to spend some quality time with my Airiel. You see, Airiel has 3 nannies taking care of him all around the clock. Whilst I am grateful for that, they can be overbearing sometimes. They think its their responsibilities to take care of him all the time and they absolutely adore him. So they sometime arbitrarily take him away from me and tell me I need rest and what not and I do not get to spend enough time with him.

So when I told them, go have a day was like..yeay! I get to spend good time with my son..
Nenda pon get to to spend time with Airiel and she actually got back into the kitchen and cooked some awesome kampung food favourites for lunch!

Aries sampai petang, bwk Stevie di JB. Stevie is mine and Kelly telah dibawa balik Aries to be sold in JB. I am now driving a Honda Civic guys..Kelly aka Kelisa akan dijual..sigh..Aries says I need a bigger, safer car when I go outstation for my matters and I would have to agree..sbb skrang ni kalau pergi outstation, kena pinjam kereta Atok.

So itulah ceritenya.

Anyways..after Aries arrived on Saturday, we spent all evening together with Airiel. After maghrib, went for dinner at Tony Roma's at the Curve (we met Dymphna and Conrad there..hehe). We bought Ironman2 tickets but did not have a chance to watch because Aries sakit mata teruk gila sampai merah and bengkak he needed a rest.

On Sunday, we went to OU and had lunch at Italiannies. Pics below


Stuffed mushrooms as a starter

Chicken something which Aries had

Bread while waiting for our food

Aries and his 'S' - birthday prezzie from wifey

And this is what we came home to

This is love indeed...