Sunday, February 28, 2010

Updates later

Was thinking about blogging about the long .. fulfilling and fun weekend.

But too tired at the moment...maybe tomorrow..

Am thinking about the piles and piles of work I have..

Tapi at least..nak tak waste time during lunch..boleh concentrate as well..

Updates tomorrow yea?


Friday, February 26, 2010

Baju kurung for court

Bought this and received it yesterday..perfect for court! Size S fits me perfectly! But its kinds sad because I am no longer a size XS..sigh

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quote of the day

The world is not respectable; it is mortal, tormented, confused, deluded forever; but it is shot through with beauty, with love, with glints of courage and laughter; and in these, the spirit blooms timidly, and struggles to the light amid the thorns...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sorry is the hardest word

No one may know what this post is about... just bear with me..I am rambling again.

I want that 'sorry'.

I want it for every single appointment missed, for pains went through alone. I want it.

I want that sorry for every single sms sent and received I read and found. I want it.

I want that sorry for those 5 months of hell I endured down south. I want it.

I want that sorry for the Rawa trip. I want it.

And I don't want a half a*ss baked sorry that does not mean shi*t. I want to hear that sorry said with tears in your eyes just because you should know it is incomparable to the tears I have shed.

I want to hear the sorry said on bended knee because it is incomparable to the shame I have suffered on your behalf.

I want that 'sorry' to be sincere

I want keikhlasan

I want that 'sorry' because I sure as hell deserved it.

Know that this 'sorry' that I want would have made all the difference.

I have hopes that one day I will hear that word.

I wait and am still waiting for the hardest word to be said and be said with conviction..

And so I hope and wait.

Don't make me wait too long

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can't wait for March

March is gonna be a good month for me..

Aries is gonna be in Bangi for a whole month on his kursus! AHahaha..taklah jauh sgt di mata and hopefully semakindekatlah di hati..hehe

Airiel and Aries' birthday is in March as well..hehe..Harap-harap dpt celebrate sekeluarga InsyaAllah.

4 more days to seeing you again...

Cannot sementara menunggu ni..wifey might as well shop online hehe..

Luvs, Hugs, Kisses

Friday, February 19, 2010

Online grabs for the lil one

I've bought some more stuff for Airiel. Hehe..

Hehe..can't stop myself.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


There's so much to tell! I said from my previous post, I fell sick (still slightly so right now) and Aries came back late from JB. Tapi resolve nak balik Kelantan sgt kuat. So at around 11.30 pm on Friday of we went on our journey.

Aries was too tired. So after a while I decided that I should drive (padahal takut nak mampus sebab jalan cam horror). It was like a trip to HELL. The jam was terrible. The road was horrifying..and it just went on and on and on.

I drove...

And drove...

Poor Airiel was so uncomfortable...

He finally found a comfy sleeping position..

We only reached Tanah Merah at plus on Saturday..ok? We stopped to sleep at some random place tepi jalan because I was sick and couldn't drive anymore and Aries was too tired he had to sleep..tapi sampai jugak. After resting the whole of Saturday, on Sunday bawak Airiel and the in laws pergi Lata Tembakah kat sempadan Terengganu.

Airiel sgt suka main pics snapped coz my handphone died.

The only pic taken on the way to Lata Tembakah.. (ain't he a poser ehh?) hehe

That Sunday night, Aries bwk gi makan mee kuah kat Batu 5 Tanah Merah. Apparently it's quite famous.

Aries posing

The famous mee kuah

Tapi sebenarnya mee kuah dia tak sedap sgt. Lagi sedap yang my mother in law masak. hehehe..
On Monday barulah I went to a clinic in Tanah Merah. Needless to say, I could't understand a single word the doctor was saying. Hehe..

Bertolak balik Isnin malam so we could get plenty of rest on Tuesday before Aries goes back to JB today.

Best woo balik Kelantan although I couldn't enjoy it as much because of my fever+flu+sore throat+cough combo. My mum in law punya cooking mmg power! Tuh yg best tu..hehe


Friday, February 12, 2010

How remarks can sting

So I am sick for the lack of sleep ... jaga Airiel malam malam

Tapi to prepare for the Kelantan trip..gagahkan diri juga beli barang keperluan Airiel. Siapa lagi nak beli kan?

Belikan carseat baru, because Airiel has outgrown his old one..dia kan sangat panjang orangnye.

Dahlah I was sneezing away every 2 minutes, my eyes were watery and red, and my voice sounded slightly male'ish'.

Mula-mula beli brg keperluan, diapers, susu and traveling essentials for Airiel. Pastu pegi toys r us byk jugak brg kena carry. Bila dah bayar for the carseat kat Toys R Us to...manala larat nak angkat..benda tu gedabak besar so mintak org bring the carseat to the car.

Mamat ni masih really I don't blame him la kan. He was just trying to be friendly. Mula-mula dia tanya 'Utk anak akak ke ni kak?'. So I said yes la kan.

Lepas small talk pasal mende lain dia tanya pasal my flu and everything, dia tanya 'Ohh, suami akak tak teman beli ke? Selalunya nak beli benda berat ni mesti ada suami teman. Dahla akak ni sakit kan?" And he went on and on lah..

Like I said I don't blame him. I just smiled all the way to the car. But seriously, his remark stung. Sakit jiwa ok?

Made me really angry at Aries ..yeah this kid has a point. Aku dahla sakit ni...Nape laki aku takleh teman aku beli menda camni kan..?

Ntahla..maybe I was sick so extra sensitive. Sudah tak sudah..pakai cermin mata hitam dok menangis dalam kereta feeling sorry for myself.

Ohh, and me kononnye nak bermanja dengan Aries nak tunggula dia balik sebab nak dia teman pergi klinik. Tapi ntah ada unforeseen circumstances dekat sana, pukul 4 lebih tadi dia baru bertolak.. and jem pulak tu.. there goes niat nak pergi klinik. And me being extra sensitive naik angin dengan Aries. Kesian suamiku itu.

Note to self:- Sudah-sudahla harapan menggunung tinggi for Aries to be there for you. He has to work. So face the fact that he won't be around. Face the fact that you need to do everything yourself. Face it. Accept it. Embrace it.

Despite that note. I still feel incredibly sad and depressed. Maybe its the flu and fever. Sigh.

Mama minta maaf

Sayangku Airiel,

Mama dah beberapa hari tido 2 jam sahaja. Airiel kan dah tiba-tiba develop sindrom tak nak tido malam.

Mama tak kisah tak tidur sekalipun..saat mama bersama Airiel sungguh bahagia buat Mama.

Tapi akibat seminggu tak cukup tidur, Mama jatuh sakit.

Kepala mama berat, mata Mama berpinar..badan panas, selsema, sakit tekak semuanya ada sayang.

Itupun Mama masih mampu tersenyum melihat buah hati Mama. Masih larat menyuap Airiel makan, masih larat menukar lampin Airiel..masih larat mengejar Airiel ke sana ke mari.

Tapi Mama dilarang tidur bersama Airiel. Mama tak pernah tidur berjauhan dengan Airiel sejak Airiel lahir lagi.

Ini sungguh berat buat Mama. Mama degil nak Airiel tidur bersama tapi tadi Nenda buat keputusan kuasa veto. Takut cucu kesayangannya berjangkit dengan Mama. Jadi dia bawa Airiel pergi. Sedih Mama tidak terkira.

Namun Mama tak kesal jatuh sakit, mungkin doa Mama pada Tuhan agar apa jua kesakitan yang Airiel alami baru-baru ini, pindah sahaja kepada Mama dimakbulkan. Airiel dah sihat. Tinggal selsema sikit saja.

Jadi Mama bersyukur atas sakit Mama ni, asalkan Airiel sihat.

Mama mintak maaf tak dapat tidur sambil peluk Airiel seperti apa yg kita lakukan 11 bulan ni.

Mama pun sudahnya tidak dapat tidur. Tak biasa, rasa tak lengkap

Mama minta maaf sayang.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seluar Comey for Airiel

Pics courtesy of brandedbabyclothes

Just bought these for Airiel - design 2 and 3.

Cute kan?


Bought them from BrandedBabyClothes

Monday, February 8, 2010


Wanted to blog about Airiel's recent flu.

But he's all better. Thank you God.

So on with the weekend updates.

No good movies this weekend. So we did not watch any movies.

Had an outing at Tony Romas. The promotional menu for February was quite nice.

My main course

Our drinks - God ol fashioned lemonade for hubby n yellow submarine for me

Our starter - stuffed portabello mushrooms were lovely

Yours truly

Dearest Aries

Little Airiel looking for Aries after Aries left for JB

Little angel when he was down with the flu

Lastly, a moment frozen in time. My chambie-mates in SD. (Sri not pictured). Pardon the wine bottles yea?

And so the week begins.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Online shopping mania

I have not bought anything online for a while. Recently however to my dismay, the online shopping craze hit me again. Just to share some of my recent purchases:-

Sigh..kopakla jawabnye. Hehe..tapi puashati.

Next update will be on Airiel pulak.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Take a step back

This post is for you.

I know you read my blog.

Yes you, the crazy female that calls me late at night and tells me you're my husband's girlfriend.

The crazy female that calls my husband's friend's wife and tells her you're his girlfriend. That apparently tells all of JB you're his girlfriend?

Do you think because I listen to your crap, I won't for a second verify it myself and see how full of crap you are? I might have been sceptical about Aries then, but I checked your story out. And guess what? You are one sick, delusional girl. Because I found out that these are all lies.

Do you think that because I keep it quiet, it means I am going to let you continue making a fool of yourself?

Do you really think that I won't find out who you are?

Well, news flash B&**%:-

1. I know how you look like
2. I know your full name (right down to how you spell it)
3. I know which firm you're working in
4. I even know who your parents are and trust me, they won't be happy if I let them know the little monster that they've raised
5. Ohh, here's the best part, I even know what you had for lunch today

Take a step back

Ambik air sembahyang



Terbitkanlah dalam diri itu perasaan 'malu'

Do it, before I take a step forward and completely destroy you

God knows, I have destroyed people before. People who might not have deserved it. Ohh, but you do.

And if I do it, there shall be no regrets on my part.

You want to be crazy? You have not seen me go crazy. Believe me, you do not want to.

You have been warned

Welcome to the world, miracle!

Pics credit goes to Anne Geddes..

Congratulations to Nasron and Suhana on the birth of the baby boy!

And so the journey begins!

Head up! Chin out!

Welcome to the sleepless nights club!

Can't wait to see the baby boy! Auntie Idza loves you already!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't smile without me...

“When I see you smile and know that it is not for me, that is when I will miss you the most”

So don't...

Save your smile for me.

When you get on that plane..and touch the ground to where we call home. When our eyes meet..when time stops for that moment.

Smile at me.. I will remember..for moments like that lasts forever.

This is love.