Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wake Up Call

I have never really cared much about my health...

I mean, I have been plagued with a fugly skin condition since birth and because of that I bleed and get cuts so easily. You know when your skin gets so dry it cracks and you can see the pink flesh underneath? That happens to me a  lot.

And then Bonda made a casual comment one day, 'you better not get diabetes..'. And then right...I realised how freaking scared I was. I mean, I get cuts and and bleed all the time. If I get diabetes, confirm habis semua kena potongla kan...macamlam kalau sakit ada org nak jaga diri in kan. So kenala jaga diri sendiri.

I have never exercised in my life after kahwin, dulu time bujang rajinla buat aerobiks ke aper.

So now I have to start taking care of what I eat and start taking care of my health..and I have managed to influence my colleagues kt ofis to start PILATES.

Yupp, yours truly akan mula ber'pilates' starting this week.

Am trying to desperately cut down on my coffee intake and have resorted to drinking fruit juices instead (poyo kan? what the hell, this is my health we are talking about).

Berusaha tangga kejayaan, cegah sebelum kena.

InsyaAllah akan beristiqamah dalam usaha menjaga nikmat 'kesihatan' yang dikurniakan.

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