Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kelantan Delights, Subang

Had lunch at this place recently with Aries (boy, I am missing you these days..adakah hati sudah tua dan jadi jiwang berkarat?)

Anyways, let the pics speak for themselves.

We both ordered the same set, which came with drinks and dessert.

Aries hot lemon tea 

Both of us ordered Nasi Kerabu Daging. The meat was tender, but other than that, it was nothing extraordinary 

Budu masak dia 

My sirap selasih 

Both of us had sago gula melaka for dessert

The ambiance was nice.

Total damages was around RM72 bucks. For nasi kerabu that was not 'mind blowingly' good? That was a tad bit too pricey for me.

Maybe i'll try other dishes next time to see why this place is so popular.


  1. gerai pakcik seblah umah MIL aku kat pasir mas tu, nasik kerabu dia rm2 je. lauk melimpah. hehe.

  2. hahaha, itulah ida..terjojol bijik mata aku tgk price tag makanan kat sini...mahal wooooo