Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Father, Heart and Soul

Just to share on how proud this daughter is of her father.

This is taken from here

This is taken from here

Ever the Perakian, he formed the Persatuan Anak-Anak Perak and it was reported here.

And these are just the ones that are reported. I have a folder of the clippings in Sinar and elsewhere where Ayah has contributed with his heart and soul. And belum lagi instances where he just goes anonymously to help those in need.

We have at home, always a ready supply of rice, oil, onions, eggs, salt, flour that Ayah will give away when someone in need calls or when he is informed that there is someone out there who needs help. If there is not enough to give out, we take whatever we have from our own kitchen. Pernah sekali dulu, hati ibu terasa berat sebab tengok makanan kat dapur tiada langsung (memang  naluri wanita itu risau melihat makanan tiada di dapur bukan? Bagaimana harus memberi makan kepada keluarga betultak?). Lalu ayah berkata, jgnlah bersedih, tuhan akan gantikan dengan makanan 10 kali ganda. And yes,  that was what happened. Our kitchen has never been empty, murahnya rezeki MasyaAllah tiada terkata. I believe it is due to what my father does every day. Helping those he does not know. Helping those who have been forgotten.

And my father admitted during the last election in Puchong that winning the seat he contested for is almost impossible. But you know what, he lost to Satim Diman by a mere 45 VOTES.  And there was 800 lebih undi rosak. Apa ada hal?

My father loves politics, no doubt. It is in his blood I know, but he is not just another politician and I am not just saying that because he is my father. You know what makes him different? Dia ikhlas. And people tell me chivalry is dead. I tell them, what about keikhlasan?, have you seen that lately?.  I tell you such a quality is non-existent these days.

The word 'keikhlasan' reminds of Oprah. I look at her and her journey and I truly believe bahawa dia adalah seorang yg ikhlas. I remember John Travolta saying to Oprah on the kick-off episode of her last season "Oprah, there is only one of you and there will never be another one..."  and I remember my father, for he truly is an individual yang hanya ada satunya, dan sesungguhnya tiada gantinya.

I have reiterated in my past posts on how I am apathetic to all things political, and my father knows this. This is unlikely to change. But I am proud nevertheless of my father and who he is as a person, politics aside.

I respect my father not just because he is my father, but because he is a respectable man.

Allah must have blessed me for giving me the privilege of being his daughter.


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