Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank YOU

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes to those special people! You know who you are!!

A year wiser I hope.

Had a small celebration yesterday with Aries.

And Aries is gonna let me shop till I drop tomorrow as a birthday pressie!

I think that is the best birthday present I could ever wish for!!! Hehe

Oh, so sorry that you guys cannot see other people's posts on my wall. I have changed my FB settings so that only I can see the posts others make on my wall!

The new FB settings annoy the hell out of me and does not respect the user's privacy at all. So I have installed Better Facebook to customize my FB and revert to the original settings. It is a free app and is great!

Countdown to my Dubai trip starts now!. Yes readers, I am off to Dubai next week!

Countdown starts now!!!

Updates on birthday dinner date next!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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