Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I blogged about how everything happened on a Thursday, in my last post kan?

Well, I forgot to tell you the best part of last Thursday which I had.

I was getting ready for my trial. Having your own trials in a big firm such as mine is a BIG deal. Clients pay top dollar for top people in action. Having a client believe in you enough so you can conduct your own does not happen very often. I appreciated that.

I wanted to be in court bright and early. And left the house for Jalan Duta early. I realised my oil tank was getting empty and so after entering the Duta highway, I stopped at Shell to fill up my gas. The petrol attendant was hitting on me (not something unnatural, the same petrol attendant did that the last time I was here). I smiled, chatted with him and drove off.

As I was driving off, a van driver told me that my petrol cover was open. I was like 'darn petrol attendant, ngorat aku sampai lupa tutup tempat isi minyak'. Anyways. I stopped at the side of the road. Closed the door to my car and closed the potrol cover and suddenly had a realisation that my car had automatically locked itself.

You see, ever since we serviced our honda and upgraded the lock system, the car locks automatically when the engine starts and the doors are all closed. Previously, it only locks when the car starts moving. And so here I was, at the side of the highway, locked out of my car, with nothing. My phone was in car so I could not call anyone for help. And on the first day of my trial no less!!!!

My heart sank! Cars and motorcycles passed me without so much as a glance. Cops passed me by without stopping. And the sun was rising, my trial was starting soon. I wanted to call out to my Aries, but I realised that I was sans a phone ...and Aries lived in JB. He is not here. Sigh..

And so I prayed. I prayed from within the deepest parts of my heart and closed my eyes. And a motorcyle stopped. Abg 1 gave me his phone so I could call Atok. The spare keys were at home and Atok could take it so I could open the door to my car. I sort of told Atok where I was but was not sure if he knew where it was. I called the office to tell a chambie who was helping me out on that day to stand the matter down.

And so after all that help, Abg 1 left. And a long time passed. I was getting worried that Atok did not know where I was or misjudged my position. I prayed.

Another motorcycle stopped. Abg 2 had a real concerned look on his face. I told him, I think Atok is waiting at the petrol station (shell) for me. I don't think he'll find me here. He told me, hop on his motorcycle, let him take me there.

I was..hmmm can I trust this guy? What if he is a sex maniac or something? But I needed his help and beggars can't be choosers.  And the voice inside my heart says 'have faith that Allah is giving you a way out of this'. So with nothing but blind faith, I hopped on his motorcycle.

He drove against traffic until we reached the petrol station. Atok was actually walking at the side of the road as he misjudged how far I was from the petrol station. Abg 2 bersalam dengan Atok and told me, ikutla atok as he needs to rush off for his work.

I took atok's car and we drove to Stevie. And when we reached there.Abg 2 was actually there waiting!!! He told Atok, he was afraid that someone might break into the car, so he waited. I wanted to give him money, but he flat our refused. He said something which I had not heard or seen for some time. He said to me and Atok 'Takpe encik, cik, saya tolong ni ikhlas'.

I did not even catch his name. He drove off after refusing the money I/Atok tried to give him. I drove to Court just in time for the trial. Then I rushed to the Court of Appeal, then the Federal Court pulak. It was a busy week as my trial continued again on Friday.

But the incident did not escape my mind. The kindness of Abg 1 and particularly Abg 2 touched me.

You see, we do not live in a kind world. When was the last time kita benar benar 'ikhlas' melakukan sesuatu? What he did renewed my faith in the kindness I have not seen in years, in keikhlasan which I thought I will never see again. Their kindness moved me to tears.

Allah works in mysterious ways. And I thank Allah for locking me out of my car that fateful Thursday. I thank Allah for letting me see and believe in kindness and keikhlasan which at the time I truly thought no longer exists. I do now. I feel it now. Terima kasih Allah.


  1. sekarang ni macam2 hal boleh jadi. org cakap nak tolong tapi Allah je tau niat dia kan. nasib baik lah memang Abg 2 niat baik nak tolong. mintak simpang la benda x baik jadi. if i were u, sure i pun bingung. anyway good to know that all is safe.

  2. tulah izyan, aku time tuh tak tahu nak pikir apa. Syukur tuhan lindungi aku. Tapi pertolongan diorg mmg buat aku terharu. Nak harapkan polis berhenti? Cehhhh