Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekie roundup - Cititel Mid Valley & then some...

"Writing is something you do alone. Its a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don't want to make eye contact while doing it" ~ John Green

Hi Readers.

Next week is going to be terribly busy. I have work up to my eyeballs and definitely will not have time to write.

I am working as we speak. So I might as well do this now.

Despite the craziness of all our schedules (Nenda's week-long module drafting in Seremban, Atuk managing the getting of Alphie Junior, Maksu and Airiel's school schedule, Bonda's crazy 12 hour working schedule and my running around wishing I can split myself into 23 mini me's to cope and be home on time so Airiel doesn't go wonky on me), my family's monthly weekie was underway this weekend and was a success.

This time we chose Cititel Mid Valley.

Cons - The rooms were on the small side. Space was at a premium. I was kind of put off by the TV. I mean it was flat screen but it was small compared to what I am used to, and it wasn't mounted to the wall. Ohh, and the room did not come with an iron. You had to request for it, and you could only have use of it for an hour.

Pros - I loved the breakfast. A lot of choices. My only complaint was perhaps that my omelette was pre-cooked when I ordered it and therefore wasn't warm. But the omelette itself was tasty. The best thing about the hotel is the service. The staff was absolutely awesome. They remembered my name, the fact that I came with a group (my family), how many rooms we booked, our room numbers. The staff at the cafe was warm and inviting and took time to chat with us and took pictures for us. The valet was awesome as well and it was connected to Mid Valley so it was really convenient for Maksu and her wheelchair.

After Airiel refused to leave his room to visit Mid Valley, I had to bribe him out with the Transformers lorry in the topmost picture tu (Sigh). I am kind of proud of myself because I installed all that on my own. The perils of being a single mom to a growing son is that you have to learn how to assemble all these boy toys by yourself. But Airiel exclaiming 'Mama, you're so COOL!' after I was done was worth it hahaha. 

And yes, I also managed to visit this bundle of joy earlier today after the weekie was done and Airiel was safely resting at home:-

Assalamualaikum Shahir. You were crying when everybody else was holding you. And then when I held you, your eyes became big with wonder. You looked at me, smiled and fell asleep in my arms as I was speaking to you. You have that baby smell which I missed so much. They say babies smell like a piece of heaven. I wouldn't know Shahir. But I knew what I felt when I first saw you. When I saw you I felt love...

I am your father's cousin. You shall call me Icha.

Icha loves you already, little Shahir. Welcome to the world.

Have a good week ahead readers.

Much love from me and Airiel.

Peace and love to everyone.

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