Monday, April 21, 2014

1. Estillo; 2. Mad About Cocoa; 3. Trying out Quinoa

"I'll never fall in love again... it's like having two souls at the same time.." ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Hi readers,

It's a Monday again.

And time for a foodie post!. Like I said, collective posts are so convenient. So here goes.

 Estillo -  I have been working in Publika a long time but honestly this is the first time I ate here. Situated beside Social, it serves Tapas, Paella and the likes of Spanish food. It being lunch, we opted for the lunch sets. From top (clockwise err I think), my beef stew and rice with saffron. Meat was so tender I just had to put it in my mouth and it would literally melt. Not really convinced the rice had that much saffron in it, but it was still nice. The carbonara with truffle oil was awesome. I had a taste and I almost wished I ordered that instead of the rice haha. Another colleague ordered mushroom soup and mash potato with truffle. Mushroom soup was alright but the truffle mash was completely out of this world. Let me warn you guys though, everything from the stew to the cream to the mash was super rich for us. So rich in fact, we couldn't finish our food and had to tapau instead. Prices for the lunch set was reasonable, but other ala-carte items on the menu were quite up there, but definitely cheaper than ... La Bodega for instance, so definitely worth a try.

 Mad About Cocoa - Farah Shue and I discovered this new place one day in Publika and we promised each other after Farah's receptions were over (and the mad, crazy bride diet was over as well la kan haha) that we would go and check this place out. I loved how the owners have decked out the place. Quirky signs, a pink typewriter in a corner (sooo cute!!). It has some space at the back for events as well I think. I had my classic dessert order, the brownies and ice cream. It was lovely and comparable to the brownies with ice cream at Ben's but this is definitely cheaper.  Farah Shue ordered the brownies crepe. Man, it was huge!!. The picture up there does not do it justice. It was absolutely divine, and in the end, we had to ask another colleague to come and help us finish the crepe. Yes, the 3 of us. Sinful crepe with a layer of brownie tucked inside, and milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate poured on top. Heaven...yummy

Since while we are at the subject of food, I am excited to say that I have tried quinoa!! Everybody is like raving about this thing right? So I decided to just try it la. It was okay honestly but a bit bland so I ended up roasting some garlic with salt, crushing it and I mixed it into the quinoa. Had it with a side of grilled lamb and stir fried asparagus with oyster sauce. Nothing beats rice though. Nak buat mcmmana tekak Melayu hehe.

Okay readers. Much love from me and Airiel.

Have a good week ahead.

Peace and love to everyone.

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