Sunday, March 2, 2014

96:4 [Part 2]

"If we burn with us..." ~ Mockingjay

Hey readers,

I am anticipating a crazy monday so might as well do my first update for the week now. This is a heartwarming moment I had with Airiel last week.

I am so blessed...

I find that the bond I share with Airiel is indescribable. He is attuned to my emotions as much I am attuned to his. If he even gets quiet or slightly upset, I would sense it.

He wakes me up every morning with his relentless kisses. He runs to the door every day that I come home from work expecting a huge hug. He makes me laugh endlessly in amusement at his antics. His constant demands for selfies with mama hahaha.

Sometimes when he is deep in thought, he would just lie next to me in my room holding my hand and we don't say a single thing to each other. And we stay like that for a good hour, being calm and still. We just enjoy the presence of each other. Sometimes we would just look at each other and start laughing non-stop. Semua org tgk kitorg mcm pelik hahaha. But Airiel and I share a language no one else understands... it's the song of our hearts.

He knows shopping makes me happy so he indulges me in it. Looks at photos of stuff with me. These days he has become more opinionated and involved and he even picks out stuff for me, from shoes to bags to fabric to tudung... I won't buy it without the Airiel seal of approval.

It is amazing at how much love my heart can hold for this little man. How much his love has been a healing force in my life. It's as if he has singlehandedly picked up every broken piece of my heart, arranged it sesuka hati dia...and patched it up with some kind of magic glue. I find that my 'patched up by Airiel heart' looks pretty awesome. I quite like it.

My padawan...

When he smiles, I feel like a little child...

Have a good week ahead everyone! Bertabahlah dalam mencatu air.

Much love from me and Airiel.
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