Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Groupon Deal - Beyond Beauty, Plaza Damas

"She promised us that everything will be okay. I was a child, but I knew that everything
will not be okay. That did not make my mother a liar. It made her my mother..."

Hey readers,

I need to do this update because I realised that without my blog, I would have completely forgotten about the spa packages I have bought everywhere. Like everywhere. Random kay. Tapi best.

Anyway, the other day I went to redeem a Groupon spa deal. This was yonks ago I think. In January.

It was a 2 hour spa with a:-

(a) Swedish Masssage;

(b) Hydro Therapy Bath (which I switched to a Sauna instead); and

(c) A body Scrub ( I chose the Strawberry Scrub),

I added on a Strawberry Mud treatment for RM21 I think.

The Groupon deal can be found here.

The massage was relaxing as opposed to painful. So I asked it to be a bit harder and it was quite good. I always love saunas so that was lovely.

The highlight of the spa was definitely the Strawberry Scrub and Mud. Made my skin super supple and soft afterwards.

My only one complaint was that the shower stall in my room was faulty. Other than that, the spa was pretty, clean, private. Get complimentary drinks before, during and after spa session.

I of course, with style..kenala beli package strawberry tu kan. Hadoii.

The website for Beyond Beauty can be found here.

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