Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where You Are...

"One day we will breathe together once again, and you will be smiling back at me....Only then will I be free...when I can be where you are..

Dark days for us all, for Malaysia.

Yesterday was Akif day as well.

Sigh, dark. Very dark. 

But Airiel was super cheery happy to see me when I came home and lifted my spirits immediately. He was waiting for me the ENTIRE day he said. Look at him!!!

Candle in the dark. This one. How does he make so happy? Tak paham hehe.

Akif, one day when I see you, when you smile back at me... that is the day that I know I will be truly free.

I will touch you one sweet day.


Okay readers. Foodie posts and online shopping posts to come. I promise!! Sorry about the lag. It just seems to insignificant considering the tragedy the nation is facing.



Peace and love to everyone.