Wednesday, March 5, 2014

F.I.Q's Gastronomy, Petaling Jaya

"Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 
'I will try again tomorrow'.. ~ Mary Ann Radmacher

Hello readers,

Crazy week so far kan?

Jerebu - Catu Air- Kerja.

Anyways, this is a foodie post. I have a new project with beloved Diyana. Foodie explorations maybe perhaps once a month when we're both free. You know how schedules are like right? So tight there is no time to breathe.

Last weekend, on our virgin trip. We went to F.I.Q's in PJ. It is situated in a quiet secluded corner of SS19.

 Clockwise (errr I think), both Spinach Risotto, the quirky signs, cute menu, seating, my Ice Latte, Airiel's Fish and Chips and Diyana's Fried Calamari.

Both Diyana and I ordered the Spinach Risotto which was lovely. The orange blobs there was pumpkin puree. We both loved the risotto. The most suprising part of the dish is the chicken, dripping with juices. An awesome meal.

Airiel loved the chips, and the Calamari was flavourful and not cheewy. Too much food though so we ended up packing it.

The total for all the dishes and drinks came about to RM91 which I think is quite reasonable.

Check out F.I.Q's website here.

F.I.Q's fb page is here.

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