Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pantang Essentials - Part 1

Hi Everyone,

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support ever since Akif was diagnosed with hydrops. It really means a lot to me and Aries. We are hoping for the best but at the same time are prepared for the worst and are exhausting all avenues against this disease.

More details on Akif's journey when the results from my amnio and blood tests come back and the results of the next ultrasound as well. I will also post more about hydrops and hydrop babies as well. When I went for the ultrasound at the feto maternal specialist in University Hospital, there were at least 2 other couples with hydrop babies and all parents out there should know that they are not alone in this. Akif is still going strong and fighting at this point.

Because of the uncertainty on how things may turn out, I have already ordered and received my pantang set and a few extras.

These are from bidanbersalin

I also ordered an extra bottle of phytonatal as well.

I already have my amway bengkung from the time when I was preggers with Airiel so depending on how comfortable I am with this one, I may just use the old one. I may have to have another c-section so I suppose I also need to buy a c-sect bengkung just in case. Any suggestions anyone on a good bengkung for c-sect?

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