Friday, January 25, 2013


Yesterday I couldn't sleep.

Solat hajat, baca quran, solat isthikhrah, solat tahajjud and then I drifted in and out of a fitful sleep...last time I checked my watch it was 5 in the morning.

I had a dream...

I saw my grandfather...and he was with a bunch of children in a garden playing...or was it? I don't know, it was not like any garden I have ever seen before. It was like all different beautiful environments, all piled up and melded into one, you know what I mean? The river that was flowing was, WHITE white.

My grandfather was really handsome and wrinkle free. Dashing he is, no wonder my grandmother was smitten. I saw Azalia, my cousin...only, she didn't look like she did when she was here, but I knew it was her, she waved and went back playing...I saw some other kids playing around my grandfather which I knew was somehow related to me, but I could not recognise them or who they were.

He looked at me and he smiled, my grandfather. I remember feeling distraught and wanting to talk to him about something... but he only said this and I remember it clearly:-

"Ya Allah, dia adalah hambaMu, anak dari hambaMu, anak dari seorang hambaMU yang lelaki dan anak dari seorang hambaMu yang perempuam. Ubun-ubunnya berada di tanganmu, hukumMu berlaku ke atasnya, keputusanMu adil untuknya

Aku memohon kepadaMu dengan seluruh namaMu yang Engkau beri nama atas diriMu, atau nama yang Engkau turunkan dalam kitabMu, atau Engkau ajarkan kepada salah seorang daripada hambaMu, atau hanya Engkau yang tahu dalam ilmu-ghaibMu, kiranya jadikanlah Al-Quran yang agung sebagai hujam musim semi bagi hatinya, cahaya dadanya pelipur kesedihannya dan penghilang kesedihannya"

And then he smiled at me...and then I woke up.

And I immediately wrote this down.

Terima kasih Tok, kerana mendoakan cucumu ini. 

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