Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hydrops Fetalis Support Group

Hi Everyone,

Time has been passing really slowly these days. I am waiting for the results conducted on the blood they took from me and the amnio they took the other day.

Ultrasound is fixed on the 14th, so I will only know what to do next from there.

Between that time, I am just enjoying the time I have with Akif, feeling his kicks, talking to him. We share a bond no one else can share. He is inside me after all. Airiel also refers to him as 'Ultraman kecik' these days. Aries remains optimistic and I decided not to pursue the issue further with him when one day he made a statement that was closest to his true feelings, which I can rarely gauge most of the time. He said 'kalau asyik fikir, abah boleh jadi gila'. I have to let him deal with his grief in his own way and be supportive. He has been really supportive to the extent he knows how, at least.

I have joined support groups for parents who have gone through this, some more than once and they have been really supportive.

For those parents who are in search of a support group for this condition, I list the links on facebook below.



Thank you everyone for being so supportive. It really means a lot to us as a family.

I will post progress on Akif's journey as soon as there are any updates.

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