Sunday, January 6, 2013

Online Shopping 2013 - [Part 1]

Hello Everyone,

I have made some lovely online purchases this month.

This is from Eight Designs Boutique. Very aurat appropriate and I love their dresses! I just need to alter the dress to suit my height! haha 

 Some court appropriate batik material from Yumna Batik, my fave place for online batik shopping now. Another picture I bought is no longer available on the site so I can't upload it for your viewing pleasure.

My fave longchamp series in the 2013 new season colour, of course! This is from I Want Bags 

This was on sale on Asylla so I bought it at a cheap price. I find their prices to be a bit on the high side for an online shop these days and in comparison to when they first opened, I still have the shantung pahang black kurung I bought from them at such a cheap price, so I only buy when there is a sale.

This beautiful telekung is from Kain Sulam and Jubah, I love the intricate design!

I bought this on sale as well, such cheap price and loved the material! This is from Bena's Collection.

Allright, enough for shopping for the next couple of months. 

Have a good weekend everyone!

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