Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Down in the Dumps

You know there are some days when you wake up out of the wrong side of the bed and everything goes wrong for you? Alas, that was one of these days for me.

Woke up to a storm in the morning and got caught in a two (2) hour traffic jam for absolutely no reason. NO accident, no nothing. Just cars driving extremely slowly.

Got to the office only to find there was absolutely NO parking. After 20 minutes of going round and round in the car park,  I went back out and tried another entrance to another floor of the car park which is strangely enough not connected to the other floors. Why oh why can't all the floors be linked?

Got to the office and switched on my PC. And lo and behold my office email would not start. After the third attempt at switching the PC and off again, I called the IT guys to fix it. What are the odds of them not knowing what was wrong with my PC? But that was what happened. In the end I had to use my external email which can be opened via internet browser to send and receive emails.

And then we received some last minute instructions after lunch from clients about filing a conditional appearance, and the time to enter appearance expires tomorrow. So what does that mean? It means I had to draft, get the draft approved, file the application via e-filing, get the application sealed and out and get a date for hearing of the application for leave to enter conditional appearance before end of business based on instructions that were received after lunch. Because I need it to be heard tomorrow, and obtain that leave tomorrow so I can enter conditional appearance tomorrow.

Trust me the drafting was the easy part. It was the e-filing that got me almost in tears. We had actually filed another application for other defendants in the same suit yesterday, so we know the officer assisting the particular judge this matter was going to be heard before. I had to call him up and begged him to take the finalised application and to give it to the Judge so that it can be fixed tomorrow as well with the earlier application filed yesterday while giving an undertaking that we shall be filing it by way of e-filing at the same time.

And then the nightmare of e-filing began. It took 2 hours to load the SIC and the Certificate of Urgency. It took another 1 hour to load the affidavit in support. We only managed to file everything very late in the day, and I kept on receiving calls from the officer asking why it wasn't uploaded on his system yet. Adoiiii...

After all the drama I managed to get all applications to be heard tomorrow.

And then I started feeling feverish. It must be the bug that nenda brought back from the Philippines which then spread to Atuk and Bonda and now me. So I was feeling dizzy and downed 2 nice panadol actifast and hope that I am alright for tomorrow's hearing because I am literally losing my voice.

Adoii, the only good thing about the day? A bowl of budu freshly made by Aries waiting for me when I reached home and Airiel's chirpy chatter about his school break cooking programme today.

Moga esok tak hilang suara berdepan hakim pula.

Hope your day and week will be better off than mine guys.