Thursday, June 7, 2012

And you got problems?

I was about to whine in my next blog post, I really was.

And then I saw this picture.

And then I realised how small and insignificant my problems are. I cannot understand how anybody can do this to another human being.

If this picture does not make you flinch, you might as well shoot YOURSELF in the head. This was no arrest, this was an execution pure and simple. The guy was shot in the head while in handcuffs. What the f&^%!!! What threat could he have posed in handcuffs.

I do not care what kind of business relationship my country has with the Israel. Malaysia should END it.  These people are obviously the real terrorists.

So friends, stop complaining how the traffic jams bother you or how malaysian drivers suck.

Stop complaining about how you're in a long distance marriage (i do this all the time).

Stop complaining about how your kids misbehave or do not want to eat vegetables.

Stop complaining about how you had a fight with bf/gf (belum kahwin lagipun? boleh?) and that the world is coming to an end.

Stop complaining period.

Because some people in other parts of the world have REAL problems.

I have been such a whiner. May Allah forgive me.

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