Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pengalaman Berbekam


If you are squeemish, I suggest you not scroll down to the pics.

I recently took Aries to berbekam Melayu. He has been wanting to try it for ages and I remembered a small place in Giant Kelana Jaya that does it, so off we went.

Mind you, berbekam Melayu is nothing like the Chinese way of Berbekam. The Chinese way of berbekam only uses the cups to suck the air out of your body. The Malay way of berbekam involves making small incisions in your skin where the cups are placed, to suck the toxins and dirty blood from your body and of course the wind as well.

See the razor blade? Apparently Aries tells me it does not hurt for the most part, it just felt like ant bites. But some places, like the far down of your back, it would sting a bit. 

For the first ever treatment, he used the full 30 cups  

Can you see the dark coloured blood? I thought the blood that came out was liquid, like when you get a cut, you know the blood gushes out and all? Apparently it was not, it was like jelly and gooey. At some parts of his back, the jelly blood was almost black.

Airiel watched with fascination and so did I. He said, 'doktor buat apa tu kat abah?' Hehehe. 

This is how it looks like after 2 days. Can you see the little cuts on his skin. Yowza! I was kind of freaked about it. 

Strangely, Aries says that his body definitely feels lighter and better. He would do it again! Our prophet s.a.w did say that berbekam is the best method of treatment for illnesses so there you go!. 


  1. uuuughhh nampak macam sakit!! mesti pedih bila mandi, kan? i pun selalu curious pasal bekam ni, rasa macam nak try tapi perasaan takut menguasai segala2nya maka tak buat la. tengok camni, ermm memang takkan buat laa...

  2. izyan, matyie kata sakit mcm gigit semut time mandi pastu badan ringan plak tu and dah tak sakit sakit atau lenguh lenguh so dia mmg nak buat lagi dan lagi. Tapi idza takkan berani buat kot. A bit too scary for me.

  3. beb, aku tgh plan nak heret (heret ye, bukan bawak) yen pegi bekam. he always complain of backache and stiff shoulder and sakit kepala and what not. how much bekam treatment matyi kena ni? there's one akubekam centre just around the corner from our house, tp tu mcm dah commercialised sgt so price a bit steep. tp tak payah risau pasal hygiene semua. i just want to compare the prices at other bekam centres. thanks!!!

  4. Ida, tempat aku pergi caj RM15 satu cup. So kalau buat full treatment 30 cups, dalam 450. Yg penting bersih babe, kalau tempat murah tapi dodgy jgn.