Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yummy Kelantan Food

Atuk recovered practically overnight after sesi berubat. If I ever meet the person who did this, I will beat him up. I swear. It was because of him/her/mala'un, nenda and atuk had to cancel their vacation in Palembang.

Ok, on to happier things. we travelled to Mars for the long Labour day weekend. And hooo boy, did we eat our hearts out.

We went to this Ikan Bakar, Nasi Ulam place in Kota Bharu with my SIL. I honestly forgot the name of the place. WARNING, Food Porn ahead.

The last picture ladies and gentlemen is the carnage. We had so much food (a LOT of fish), and I had 3 huge pieces of ikan pari to myself.... it was ridiculous. I was budgeting it to be in the RM150 above region. But guess how much all our food cost? RM66.00. I almost fell off my chair when Aries told me.

On our way back to KL, we stopped by a stall in Kampung Pahi, Kuala Krai.

 Aries slurping away

My keautiaw sup. Spicy, tangy, deep and robust soup.Wowieeee!

We usually travel during the middle of the night so we won't see all these stalls, but we decided to travel during the evening this time and Thank God for that!

Honestly, this Mars place is growing on me. Haha

Have a good week people.

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