Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memory Lane...

I have not been to my grandma's place in years!

I decided to take time off from a busy schedule and go home. As Nenda was away in the philippines, and the husbands were away doing what it is that husbands do, it was Atuk, me, Bonda, Akmal, the maids and Airiel. We all went in one car.

It was funny because it felt like the good ol days (minus Nenda of course). You know, being single and going balik kampung with your parents and siblings. We stopped by Ipoh to pay some taxes and were pointing out places to Atuk that we remember going to as children and he would tell us stories and we noticed how things have changed. Reminiscing and laughing all the way, it was real fun. It was also cool that the abg at the counter asked me 'cuti sekolah ke adik?' when I was queuing up to pay the land taxes. Hehehe, eh eh rasa muda pulak.

My grandma is the simplest soul to please and is pretty cool. We bought her some maggi ayam (her fave since our high school days) and she was saying in a gangsta rap, taiko sort of way 'Barang ada beli?' when we told her lets cook some of your favourite maggi Pah!. Hahaha, we ended up on the floor laughing, rolling away.

But, we were also quick to realise how much older everyone is, including my grandma when after chatting away for 10 minutes, she fell asleep sitting down on her chair. I used to spend a month during every uni and school holidays at Sungai Siput with my grandma, and used to have so much fun cooking, cleaning, listening to her stories of how all of my aunts and uncles were when they were young, watching wrestling with her (she loves WWE!), making kuih from scratch, walking with her every morning to buy nasi lemak. It is at moments like this, I get pangs of fear, the fear that I won't be able to see my grandmother again next year. The feeling that I wish I could be around her more, take care of her more, laugh with her more.

My, doesn't the years just pass by in an instant?

This weekend is a bust as I woke up with Vertigo and my head is still currently spinning. I hope to be able recover by Monday.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend readers. 

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