Friday, May 4, 2012

Online Shopping:Black and White Fabrics Galore!

I did not have a chance to buy black and white fabrics for this year late last year because I was really sick. But worry not, I have bounced back.

I took the black and white ones from all the 3 pics above. They are from Lu'Lu Shoppe

These 2 lovely fabrics I bought from Kedai Kain Online

This pretty batik number is from Dira Butik

There was one more black and white batik fabric which I bought from MySuteraAyuCollections  but unfortunately, it was deleted from the website before I had a chance to download a picture of the fabric.

Add 2 more black and white batik fabric to the foray which Aries bought for me (thank you hunny!) in Kelantan during the Labour Day weekend and I am all set for the year (or two hehe)!\

Have a good weekend people. My grandma is in town and I plan to spend some time with her. Can't wait to go home!

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