Friday, May 18, 2012

Mothers' Day

Now the title of this post above is highly deceptive. Like politics, I am apathetic to days that have been ranked by 'God knows who' as a day to celebrate a certain individual or portion or society.

I do appreciate birthdays though, although parties are not my thing. Makan skit skit bersama nukleus familia cukup. Membazir pulak rasanya berparti sini, berparti sana. Yes, I am boring like that.

Lest I be accused of being 'unislamic' or 'westernised' for this post as I recalled Bonda and I being called so sometime ago (I know right? me? really?)... maybe we should look at 'Hukum Sambut Hari Ibu di Sisi Islam' here and here.

Now, being a mother is no easy task. And our mother has been through a lot with Maksu and raising the rest of us. So Bonda and I, our motto in so far as our parents go is simple:-

 'What our mother wants, our mother gets [this of course applies to our father as well, but since it's a mother's day sort of post, let's just limit it to my mum today]'

And save for a Volkswagen Beetle [her dream car] which I am sure in due time Bonda and I will get for my mother, Alhamdulillah whatever else she has wanted, Allah has given us the funds/means/ways to fulfill it.

Anyways, what I do like about the time when the world is abuzz about celebrating mothers, is the discounts I get when I buy stuff. And so when I saw something which I KNEW my mother would love, I bought it straight away for her. With a 25 % discount no less.

And true indeed, my mother loved it!!! She did not cry or anything (but that is expected because she is our ice queen) but her smile was enough for Bonda and I

And tears flowed freely for me when Airiel planted a kiss on my cheek one morning and gave me this. Airiel admitted he didn't write the words but said he designed and stuck all the decorations by himself (At 3 years and 2 months old, he speaks fluently now, like a grown up - I just find it amazing).

The sappy, warm, melting feeling that I felt was indescribable. How blessed I am to be a mother.

I asked Aries to wish my mother in law happy mother's day and he shook his head and told me that he was 'not the type' to do all this wishing and all that. But I was happy to see an sms from him to my mother in law in his phone to wish her despite his macho bravado to me about being not the type and all.

There should be no need to designate a particular day to celebrate mothers to me. That is simply silly to me as a mother's sacrifice cannot be sufficiently repaid by just celebrating them one day out of a year. I celebrate her and try to make my mother happy everyday (yes nenda, even if it is just buying you towels to make you happy).

Have a good weekend ahead guys.

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