Sunday, May 20, 2012

Online Shopping 2012 [Part 3]

Hello readers,

I have made some new purchases this month.

This bag is from MuchMoreinHand 

And a black cardi from Little White Crane. I am quite the regular there now, hehe.

Bye and enjoy whatever is left of the weekend!


  1. part 3 ?..
    hurmm macam dah banyak je..=p
    tak cukup jari ku membilangnya


  2. hehe, aku bukannye terer matematik cam ko huda, dah lebih ke? hehehe....

  3. the bag is very nice....look how the service for muchmoreinhand online shopping blog?

  4. Hi Shamin, thanks! I love it too!!. Service from the owner was efficient and fast. I have no complaints. If I find a bag i like there, will buy again.

  5. haha.. lebih la.. adoihh..
    tak terkira dah..

    sangat suka cardigan itu.. adoih.. juling2 mata nengok..