Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sims 3 Crazy

Hello, its a new week already here in Malaysia.

Airiel is getting much better after taking some furious medication by the dermatologist. Another checkup is due this Saturday, so I hope by then the spots will be eliminated completely . If it isn't, they have to take Airiel's blood for further tests, and I hate seeing Airiel being poked.

Anyways, Bonda went and bought me a Sims 3 game for mac and I am hooked. I love the custom content installer that comes with the game by EA:-

This is different from sims 2 where you have to download installers made by fans of custom content. Coolness!

Sims 3 allows for sims to drive their own cars! Hehehe...

My fave website for free downloads of custom content for the sims 3 is The Sims Resource. I mean look at the endless options in so far as custom content is concerned below:-

And what's even better, it comes in either a sims3pak file or zip file and not .package files which are easier to install.

I am a happy camper...and I am currently looking for the expansions and add ons of course (anybody willing to sell it to me cheap? hehe or better still free? ehhehe).

Now, the question that remains is how the heck am I going to juggle working 10 hour days, being a Mom, a wife and a gamer too? Hmmmn, we will see....

I have happily found my dream whiteboard for the office!!!

How cute is this? I got it from Harvey Norman and Aries bayarkan (thanks hunny!!!)

It's funny how the smallest things make you happy kan?

Have a great week everyone!!

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