Tuesday, September 20, 2011

House of Kebab, Solaris Dutamas


Another foodie update.

A lot of eateries opening up at the office and on one of the days me and a colleague decided to go to House of Kebab.

I love middle eastern food!

The Menu

 The Salad, loved the olives! However, after a couple of bites, the sharpness of the salad dressing was a bit too much for my tongue

This was what I ordered, lamb and chicken kebab with rice. As you can see, the portions were quite huge. I loved the lamb, but the chicken tasted quite bland honestly

This was the gravy that came with the set. It has a tangy flavour which complimented the lamb really well 

My colleague ordered garlic yogurt... yummy! 

This was what my colleague ordered, lamb kebabs with rice. 

House of Kebab is located at G4, at the very end of the road leading down to G3, it has a great view of the Wilayah Persekutuan mosque and has shisha's for those who like them.

I love the food and will definitely go again!!


  1. i x sabar nak tunggu Publika buka officially. macam menarik je kedai2 yg akan bukak kat situ nampaknya.

  2. yupp, mmg..aku rasa mesti aku rambang mata nak pilih tempat makan when all the places start to open...hehehe