Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chilli's, Citta Mall

A new community mall is open in Ara Damansara!

Can you imagine how ecstatic our family is, as this makes everything so convenient!!!

We dropped by yesterday for a late lunch at Chillis.

Aries had the huge ribs...!!! which if course he could not finish at the end of the meal 

 I had the ceaser salad, with the lime grilled shrimp as an add on. This was a sore point for me... i mean ...there were barely 4 or 5 shrimps in the whole salad, and from 19 bucks to almost 30 bucks for the add on, I was not happy. Other than that, the salad was nice
We strangely received our main courses before our starters. Apparently the staff forgot our order..and whats worse, when we could not finish them, we could not pack them to take away home! 20 for that and we could not take it home...Sigh..

There are definite hiccups in the service, but overall everyone was friendly. The place is new so it would naturally take time. The following shops are already open or in the midst of opening in Citta Mall:-

1. Chawan;
2. Meatworks;
3. Wondermilk Cupcakes;
4. Papparich;
5. Shojikiya;
6. Bacci;
7. Subway; 
8. Bubba Gump;
9. Rakuzen.

Can't wait for the rest to open!!!



  1. Idza i'm curious to know kenapa u could not tapau the leftovers? Chilis kat sana tak kasi ke?

  2. yes, apparently...bila aku buat bising baru dia bagi tapau ribs Aries, tp I could NOT take back my chips and salsa...don't know if it has always been their policy utk tak bagi bwk chips and salsa balik. I was quite marah sbb I paid 20 bucks for those chips. Sigh

  3. It's got something to do with bottomless menu items! Next time speak to their female manager or GM; ask them why! They're nice people!