Friday, September 23, 2011

Luluh Hati Seorang Ibu

Airiel is sick...

I came home today and saw how bad it was and I cried the moment I saw him...and I cried and I cried...and I'm still crying...

I thought it was a normal rash at first, or some kind of infection skit sebab garu tempat gigit nyamuk ke..but looking at him today I know something is terribly wrong.

I have an appointment with a skin specialist at 9.00 am tomorrow. I cannot stand seeing him injected, poked upsets me greatly.. Thank God Bonda and Nenda will be with me. Thank you both of you... you are my ROCK.

I hope everything goes alright tomorrow. Pray for me and Airiel readers! Thank you


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  2. thanks!!! he's on medication sekarang and hopefully dlm seminggu akn ok. Lagi seminggu kena follow up lagi