Friday, February 14, 2014

Symbols [Part 2]

"Symbols can be so beautiful, sometimes" ~ Kurt Vonnegut

Hello readers!

Happy Friday everyone.

Remember I promised you that I will update you on the charms I would buy to symbolise Akif? On 2nd February 2014, it marked a year since Akif passed and went on to a beautiful place in heaven.

To remind me that Akif is now in a better, beautiful place with the angels in heaven. I do not have to worry about you anymore. :) 

To remind me of the difficult and painful yet beautiful pregnancy I had carrying this angel child, my Akif who was here to teach me to be strong.  His heart beats through mine, then and now, his life was one with mine, then and forevermore. Interlocking hearts seemed perfect.

Alright readers. Have a good weekend!

Much love from me and Airiel...

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