Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fabric Addict

"No medicine cures what happiness cannot" ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Hello readers,

My besties would know that I am crazy about fabric. It is an obsession I inherited from Nenda hahaha.

These are the recent fabrics I sent to my tailor, to her apparent swooning headache on the design for them all. 

I decided to either do baju kurung biasa for work or baju kurung pahang on some of the designs. What I find though is that its hard for you to find a tailor that can do baju kurung moden these days.

My ready made kurungs and stuff I buy from SACC, Jeddan usually.

These days, I buy nothing unless it has the 'Airiel' seal of approval. Yes, Airiel decides what I buy, and he even picks out what I wear to go to work hari hari. Its so much fun!!

Alright readers.


Much love from me and Airiel!!

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