Monday, December 3, 2012

Breast Pumps Galore

Hello readers,

WARNING : The word 'breast' appears a lot in this post. If you somehow get touchy about that, then well, too bad for you.

I have mentioned that I am still surveying breast pumps in one of my earlier posts which for the life of me, I can't find.

No matter. I have surveyed here and there, and have narrowed down the options. I think I am going to purchase mine from LittleWhiz or BabyLoft. I have to buy the double pump because I do not want to waste time pumping, so here goes the options:-

1. Ameda Lactaline Dual Breastpump 

It's on sale at both littlewhiz and babyloft and goes for about RM799 - 900 depending on the packages you pick. The reviews on it in Mumnet are mixed but generally positive. Definitely not as expensive as Medela.

2. Ardo Calypso Double Breastpump

Its on sale at Babyloft and goes for about RM750 to RM880 depending on the package that you pick. There are not a lot of reviews for this pump because its relatively new in the market, but overall its positive and happy feedback. You can look here:-

(a) Debalicious Review :-; and

3. Medela Freestyle Double Pump

Definitely the most established brand name out there, and of course the most expensive one of all. Babyloft sells the package which is on sale at the moment from RM1600 (ouch!!!). Littlewhiz is currently having a promotion package which retails for RM2000 (ayoyo!). The reviews are of course stellar, although a lot say that it has a lot of parts and maybe confusing to use at first.

4. Rumble Tuff Double Pump

This is by far the cheapest option out of the lot for a double pump and packages from littlewhiz and babyloft does not exceed RM450!. Also relatively new in the market, reviews are few and far betweem. Whatever reviews online available, it seems to indicate  that apart from draining batteries like a vampire, the rest are all positive reviews. This is definitely on my shortlisted breastpumps.

5. Spectra Dew 350 Double Breast Pump

Ok, this is the last option on my shortlist. Also relatively reasonable in price. Around RM400-700 depending on what packages you pick. Reviews are great because its actually a hospital grade pump. The only downside to this pump is I have read that it is heavy and crazy berat to lug around (although that should help in burning calories hahahaha.)

Alright my lovelies. Drop me a line if you have any other suggestions or have used any of the brands above and let me know k?

Am off to record a consent judgment which means my 2 week trial has been vacated! Yeay for settlement. Have a good start to the week.


  1. visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. Last week, I saw someone using Rumble Tuff and I must say I was put-off by the noise. But apparently, the noise Rumble Tuff made is as noisy as others like ameda medela etc. At RM450, I must say it is a pretty good price to pay for, no? esp if it functions as good as the expensive ones. maybe am going for ameda, seems like lesser parts to clean compared to medela. I was also informed spectra 3 is good too - a bit bulky but not as noisy?

  3. spectra is as good as no sound at all. medela - bising. ameda, got sound laa but not rumbling sound i should say.

    if u can pump it discreetly like myself in the pantry or surau or store or your own room, noise should not be the deciding factor. but if u can only pump at your workstation and there is no room for pumping, then i should say spectra is the best choice sbb mmg senyap.

  4. Hi, just thought i'd share my two cents. I'm currently using the rumble tuff breastpump and have so for a week. Initially when i was surveying for pumps, my top choices were ameda or ardo calypso. I wasnt keen on medela because of issues of backflow into the tubings. And having tried my SIL's spectra 3, i found i wasnt getting a let down, thus it took longer for me to pump. I decided to try out the pumps in store before puchasing. Personally, i found the suction for ameda a bit low and i was sitting there pumping for ages with little result (i'm too used to my anakku.manual pump). Since i had to pay 20bucks to try out the pumps, i thought i might as well get my money's worth and try out rumble tuff too. And presto! I managed to pump an ounce of milk in less than 3 mins which is a big achievement for me. Tried it at home and managed 5oz in 10 mins. RT has a built in timer and also an alarm system which alerts u ur next pumping time. Noise wise, it isnt much louder than ameda. Spectra is super quiet. The downside, loads of parts compared to spectra and ameda and RT may not be as hardy either according to reviews. I strongly suggest u find a shop which allows u to try before u purchase,best when ur milk has come in. There is a shop in.klang which specializes in pumps (enjoybreastfeed) and the staff are very helpful. Bear in mind what works for one person may not work for another. Happy hunting!

  5. i've been using medela pump in style, medela freestyle & ameda lactaline. although it is expensive but medela woek very well for me. Pump in style is really heavy duty. My aunt, my sister in law n her sisters & me are among the users for more than 10 years old breast pump. cons is bulky & heavy. Freestyle? (use at office) suction is the best & i can get almost 10 oz within 20 minutes. cons- noisy & sensitive plus expensive spare-part (tubing can cost u rm75, connector 100++ & battery 400++. Ameda? that i currently use at home. suction is a bit low. max level is just like medela fs level 4. add on 10 minutes time consuming every session. I suggest buy heavy duty. Expensive but worth.