Saturday, December 15, 2012

Palestine/Syria/Burma/Somalia - How to Help

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I have posted updates here. Sorry guys, I have been busy with court. So busy in fact, I had a little minor bleeding episode and have been instructed to rest now.

This post is long overdue. I have been asked numerous times by readers since my first post on Aisha on how to help. So here goes.

There are a number of organisations that can help those in need all around the world. And I am not talking just about Palestine, there are children in Somalia, Syria, and do not forget the Rohingyas either, who according to the UN are the most persecuted people in the world. I try to split my help evenly between all these groups of people because according to arwah Aisha (yes, a 12 year old) no one person deserves more help than another. Everybody needs help she used to say...sigh [let's move on before I burst into tears shall we...]. I will list down the organisations I use.

1. MuslimAid - Muslimaid provides help to Burma, Syria, Darfur, Iraq and Syria among others. It is a UK organisation. They mainly ask for donations which can be provided just once or on a monthly basis. Did you know that by contributing just 3 pounds equivalent to about RM12, you can help save a person's life?  Please visit their website for more information.

2. Muslim Hands



5. Islamic Relief Malaysia - This organisation provides an avenue to adopt children from Somalia and Palestine and other programmes with a root in Malaysia. My fellow ex- Shearnie and blogger Farah Shafinaz has joined the cause via this organisation and I am so proud of her!

6. UPA - This is where I found Aisha

7. Aqsa Syarif

8. Viva Palestina

9. Aman Palestin

10. Global Peace Malaysia

11. WFP - This is another one of my favourite organisations, you can donate and buy food packages for families in Syria, Haiti and other communities that do not have enough food.

These are just some of the organisations that is an avenue for us normal people that cannot dedicate much time for charitable activities but do have the cash to spare. Your adoptions and donations can go a long away and in my instance, it forged a relationship which changed my entire outlook on life.

I hope I have helped those of you who are interested find an organisation suited for you!

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