Thursday, December 27, 2012

Preggy Updates - Baby in Tummy No. 2

Hello Readers,

Moving on to my preggy updates now.

I am at 28 weeks now and everything is looking good at the moment. Alhamdulillah.

So far I have gained about 8kgs throughout the pregnancy which is a good weight. One thing about gov. check ups is that they monitor EVERYTHING. No sugar coating about weight, diet, sugar levels or anything. I am not supposed to gain more than 11-12 kgs max until I am at 40 weeks and they do scold you if you gain more than what is allowed as healthy. That is why I get horrified when I see other people I know gain 15, 18 heck even 20 kgs throughout pregnancy! I automatically can tell that these ones must go for checkups at private hospitals! No way will they allow you to gain that much weight in gov. checkups. I can imagine the scolding kalau diorg kat klinik kerajaan wooo...hehehe. It is one of the reasons I could easily drop the weight after Airiel was born.

My first 'minum air gula' session was ok and I am not diabetic. But they are making me drink it a second time because of family history (my mum is diabetic). Hadoiii, aper sajela kan asal ibu dan anak sihat.

I do not know the gender yet and will be meeting a gynae this weekend to discuss my options, i.e. elective c-sect and to do a 4d scan as well.

My shopping for this second one has been slow because as I said in my previous preggers post, shopping for baby items causes me great discomfort. I'd rather buy jewelry (totally irrelevant I know) hahahaha...

These are my team members, at our recent team dinner...Yours truly at 28 weeks

Man, I feel so preggers but I thought I would immortalise this since I kept no pics of me being pregnant with Airiel at all..28 weeks preggers...

Starting tomorrow, I will start buying items for pantang and for baby, so I will keep you guys updated ok?

Happy holidays everyone.

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